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10 Fascinating Things To Do In Vietnam

CanTho Floating Market River Delta

Vietnam is a paradise for tourists with an adventurous spirit! If you are looking for an affordable but still authentic excitement that you will never forget, you just might find what you need in southeastern Asia, on the coast of the South China Sea, where the history of the one of the most populous civilizations and the wonders of our beautiful nature collide. Let’s explore the wilderness, broaden our horizons and expand our tastes all together, with these things.

Top 10 Fun Activities and Places To Visit in Vietnam

1. Ha Long Bay Fishing

Just outside of the Chinese border, on the northern part of the country, you can find a breathtaking natural wonder, the Ha Long Bay. An astonishing number of 1,600 islands and 400 fisherman families living practically over the water in homes built on boats, and they will make you believe that you are acting in some sort of epic Hollywood movie. You won’t be wrong in fact, because this particular landscape was featured in numerous popular films.

halong bay fishing village

Halong bay fishing village

2. Sightseeing in Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam will provide you with enough exciting places to visit to keep you occupied for days, and it is advised at this point to start light and prepare yourself, because we are heading south into the wild! While in Hanoi, make sure that you visit The Temple of Confucius, a fine example of the 18th century Vietnamese architecture, and the first national university.

3. Locked up in Hell’s furnace

Sounds frightening, but you can visit the Hoa Lo prison near Hanoi’s French Quarter. The “fiery hole” was the place of imprisonment of 600 political figures and Vietnamese fighters for independence. Interesting fact, many Communist leaders-to-be spent some time in this prison during the 1930s and 1940s.

4. Phong Nha Cave

The real fun begins in the Quảng Bình Province, where you can visit the 7729 meters long Phong Nha Cave, with an underground river stretching as far as 14km, through 14 grottos. There are presumably many parts of this cave that haven’t been explored yet because of its dangerous nature.

phong nha cave

Phong Nha cave

5. Enter the Kinh Thanh Citadel

On the Perfume River, in the former imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, you can pass through one of the 10 fortified gates and enter the Citadel. Although this fortification is closed by stone walls that are 8 meters high and 20 thick, inside you can find a peaceful garden and residential areas where the headquarters of the ministers and royalty once used to be, and catch a break before we continue with our adventure.

6. Diving in Hon Mun

The best place for snorkeling and diving in Vietnam is located not more than 20km from the city of Nha Trang. The warm currents provide an ideal home for a great variety of species. Tropical fish and colorful corals are waiting to be found in the protected area of the Ebony Island. You can even rent a glass-bottom boat and observe the sea creatures beneath your feet.

Hon Mun diving in Nha Trang Vietnam

Hon Mun diving in Nha Trang Vietnam

7. Climbing the White Sand Dunes

If you are looking for a perfect place to take a holiday photograph, or just want to spend a day away from the beach, you should definitely visit the White Sand Dunes. Much like the Sahara dunes, the ones located in the South Central region of Vietnam are an attractive geological site for every nature lover.

8. Exploring the tunnels of Cu Chi

A 121km long network of underground tunnels, dating from the Vietnam War, is a must-see location on our trip. The base of Viet Cong operations, with underground conference rooms, is now transformed into a memorial park and everybody is welcome to experience the struggles of Vietnamese soldiers.

9. Nine Dragon river delta

The far southwestern region of Vietnam will offer you the experience of a completely different way of life. There are villages in this region that you can enter only by river, and this area is rich with history – a paradise for archaeologists. However, it is also proclaimed a natural treasure trove.

CanTho Floating Market River Delta

CanTho Floating Market – Mekong Delta River

10. Feeling hungry?

I hope you are not exhausted. There is one thing every region of Vietnam has in common – from the north to the south, you can find very spicy, very exotic meals on every corner that will challenge your taste and open a new world of varieties when it comes to cuisine. Don’t miss out on a great culinary vacation in Vietnam along the way! Local dishes have been made popular all over the world, but only in Vietnam can you try authentic Bo’ Kho. Don’t forget to say ăn ngon miệng nhé! Enjoy your meal.

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