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10 Reasons Why Macau Is Better Than Las Vegas. No. 5 Is My Favorite

visit Macau Las Vegas

How come Macau is still worth visiting than Las Vegas? Las Vegas is no doubt the entertainment capital of the world while Macau is the Las Vegas of the East. Huge difference right? But currently, going to Macau is wonderful and enjoyable. You can do so many things that are not present in Las Vegas. Here are the best 10 reasons that Macau is cooler than you thought:

visit Macau Las Vegas

Image source: Flickr

1. Experience the Asian and European culture at the same time

Despite of Macau now being one of the special administrative regions of China, it still shows the Portuguese influence whether it comes in the form of writings, museums, streets and churches. If you enjoy learning one’s culture, you can learn the basic Chinese or Portuguese words. If interested in learning the meaning of Chinese characters, it will be best to visit the Memrise website where learning the Chinese menu (No kidding!)  is very interactive and fun.

2. Experience extravagant yet simple living

People living there has the second highest life expectancy in the world. Popularly known as entertainment capital in Asia, you can also find nature parks even by just walking nearby places. Aside from swimming in beaches, visiting temples and villages is a real stress relief. Don’t forget to see pandas in the Giant Panda Pavilion.

Macau churches

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

3. A place for the religious

The most popular is the Ruins of St. Paul’s, a 16th century cathedral that was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in the 19th century. Now, it is part of UNESCO World Heritage site. Upon visiting this ruins, you can see the statues plus, there’s an underground museum there. There are many Christian churches in this place. Cathedrals can be reached just by walking a few minutes. Many tourists take pictures inside churches. You can feel the presence of the old times by seeing the collections of old photographs and ancient ceramics inside.

4. Freebies 

Free shuttle rides and tourist buses are one of the main attractions of both Las Vegas and Macau but in Macau, you can see church devotees and other locals giving free eco friendly bags, keychains and fans. Oh wait! they also give CDs about catholic teachings but unfortunately it is in Chinese so it will be bothersome for foreigners to be given these CDs inside the eco friendly bags. If you are the type of giving souvenirs to some people (not the closest ones) you can give these to them without spending a single dime.

5. Free taste

Visit places like a role playing game character . With beautiful tiled pavements and small stores, you will enjoy the sight of food. They offer free taste of small beef slice, candies, delicacies and many more.  If you are not intending of buying these foods, be sure to try the free taste once unless if you are really craving for more. kindly buy those from them instead of going back and pretending to be another stranger. Noodle shops and street foods are must-try. For fine dining, Macanese cuisine is a fusion food that consists of Southern Chinese, Portugese and Southeast Asian cuisines.

6. Tea

Feel relaxed and rejuvenated by drinking herbal teas for the lowest price. You will be surprised that in casinos, they offer you milk or cola instead of beer or wine. Milk teas are very popular. For Gong Cha (a milk tea franchise) fans especially in Southeast Asia, their milk tea in Macau branch is very delicious and you will feel the taste of authentic tea ingredient without visiting the Mainland.


7. Extreme activities

Upon getting to Macau Tower by riding a free shuttle, you will see the tower and its shops. It is not enough to have a picture taking in this place. For adventurers, it is recommended to try the Skywalk, SkyJump or the deathifying Bungy jump. Participants will be given a certificate after the activity and it can be an achievement to brag this to friends.

8. Be rich or be thrift

Both of the gambling cities have the Venetian but in Macau, since hotel there are costly and extravagant, you can choose to stay in lodges. You can dine in the most sophisticated restaurants or you can just buy cheap decent food on small stores. Choose to have a picture taken in parks and fronts of museum or if you have spare cash, you can enter the museums but don’t expect them permitting you to take selfies or group pictures while still inside this place.


Image from Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

9. No visa

This is the best reason to to make a lesser effort to go there than in Las Vegas. Many budget flights are available. No visa also means lesser fees and requirements for travel.

10. Countries nearby

You can go to new territories such as Hong Kong and China by riding a ferry boat. It is best to go to Hong Kong first since China requires a visa.


See how wonderful it is to visit this place and save time after all in experiencing the Chinese and European culture. Las Vegas is a great place but do not underestimate Macau’s tourism potential as one of the most amusing places in the world.

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