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10 Ways to Actually Get Work Done on a Plane

flight-wifi-- air travel tips

Getting work done on a plane is surely a herculean task. But what if you actually have some ways to do it? Working while flying has two advantages; first, you will complete your important work before landing so that you do not have to rush to the hotel immediately, to do it and second; it is a good way to pass time on the plane. So, keeping points in mind, we have 10 ways for you with the help of which you could actually get your work done while on a plane.

flight-wifi-- air travel tips

Opt for a window or aisle seat: While booking your tickets, always select these seats, if you have to do some work. Getting a middle seat is not a very good idea because you can not work with your elbows close to your sides. Avoid the middle seat and by doing that you will be able to work without any problem.

Take a small laptop with you: It is an obvious solution, if you know you are going to work on plane. Buy a small and compact laptop that not only will be easier on your back but it will be easier taking out and putting away throughout the flight.

Keep your gadgets fully charged: Whether you are going to work on your laptop, mobile or any other gadget for that matter, just keep your gadgets fully charged since there is no guarantee about the charging outlets on the plane.

Watch your beverages: Always, i repeat always! Watch out your drinks for spills. Keep your gadgets safe and close them before anything goes wrong. No matter how careful you are, anything can go wrong. So its better to take precautions.

Screen Protector: Do you worry about people looking over your shoulders when you are using your laptop? The best way to work without getting worried about people looking is to get a privacy screen fitter. These screens prevent people from looking into your laptop and the only way that is going to happen is to sit directly in front of the screen. So just get a screen protector and let go of your worries.

Open web pages before the flight: If you do not have internet connection on plane, just make sure to open all the web pages before boarding the flight. This will help you to work offline and if you wish to check your emails, just get gmail offline plugin.

Wear ear-buds or noise cancelling headphones: The polite way to let people know that you are not interested in talking, is to wear ear-buds or noise cancelling headphones. By doing this you will be able to ignore the surroundings and enjoy doing your work without getting disturbed.

Get in flight Wifi: While booking, select the airlines that provide wifi facility. Though, some business people tend not to prefer in flight wifi as it will keep them away from the work tension. But preferring wifi while on board is a good option because it will get you connected to the outside world and you will be able to share your stories or do some work, if you want.

Share your Wifi: Now that you have opted for Wifi, it is best to make most use of it. In flight Wifi is costly so it is good to turn on sharing and it will not incur extra cost. Connect your laptop, mobile or any other gadget with it and make full use of it.

noise cancelling headphones

Look out for the seat in your front: Some people are oblivious about the fact that the person sitting behind them might be working on a laptop or something, they will recline their chairs without even a warning. So to avoid your laptop screen from breaking, keep it a few inches away from the back of the chair in our front.

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