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11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters!

11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters! - Falls

It has been more than a decade since I last went to Mambukal Mountain Resort. It only had a few amenities with a simple pool, a picnic area and its seven falls. It has been a long time, but the place just got better and better throughout the years since the last time I went there.

With a total land area of 23.6 hectares located in Murcia, Mambukal offers fun, relaxation and an experience close to nature. It is known as the gateway to Mt. Kanlaon, the highest peak in the Visayas or Central Philippines. Mambukal is 1,200 ft. above sea level and is blessed with natural attractions. The mountain resort was initially designed by Japanese Kokichi Paul Ishiwata as a bath house and picnic area. Now, it has evolved into a place where everyone can enjoy, relax and even do work. It’s just an hour away from Bacolod City, the capital of Negros Occidental. You can get there by public or private transportation.

I went there last month with my team from my previous job. We had our team building activity there and spent a night. I didn’t get to try all of the attractions and explore the entirely of the mountain resort but it is something that I look forward to on my next trip there.

I will be sharing the places that I was able to visit and also the fun activities that I will be trying in the future. There are a lot of fun things you can do at Mambukal. You’ll be surprised what you can do up in the mountains.

11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters! - Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool

Relieve your fatigue in the warm pool. Photo Credit: Marianne Lin Pillado

1. Take at dip at the Warm Sulfur Dipping Pool

Hands down this is my favorite. Yes, it is the public hot springs. Once you submerge your body in the dipping pool, your fatigue and stress goes away. The dipping pool is fed by hot and cold water from the mountain springs. It is only four feet deep and has surrounding seats so you can sit back and relax. Loosen your muscles while taking a dip at the warm pool surrounded by tall trees and the sound of birds and fruit bats up above.

I fell in love with it the moment I put my foot in the water. I went there twice that day (one in the afternoon and another in the evening). I did not need to pay for a secondary entrance fee because I just needed to keep the receipt from my first payment. It’s great that it’s valid for the entire day. I even took a nap on one of the chairs by the side of the pool. I probably enjoyed it too much that I stayed too long and felt light headed. That was the first time I was educated on my limits when it came to staying in hot water.

11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters! - Ishiwata Bath House

The Roman and Greek-inspired Ishiwata Bath House. Image Source: Commons.Wikimedia

2. Have a private time relaxing at the Ishiwata Bath House

It is the oldest structure in the resort. It was built by it’s namesake in 1927. You can rent a private pool for thirty minutes or more. The bath house itself is reminiscent of Roman and Greek bath houses. You can relax by yourself or with your friends and family. This one also takes away your fatigue and soothes the flesh.

3. Swim at the various swimming pools

If hot water is not your thing, you can still choose to hit the swimming pools. Mambukal has a Kiddie and Adult pool. There is also the Mambo pool which is a bit longer and deeper than the former. Our lodge was just in front of the Mambo pool. I wanted to swim there as well if I had more time but the lure of the dipping pool pulled me away.

4. Hike up the Seven Falls

Mambukal is known for its seven cascading falls. The signature seven falls of Mambukal was one of its best features in the past and even until now. You can hike up to the seventh fall and it would be a great achievement. Walk along the path and enjoy the sights of nature while listening to the sound of flowing water. You can bring snacks or drinks with you so that you can eat once you are on the top.  (Be careful with trash though.) But there is also a vendor selling drinks at the sixth fall in case you did not bring any. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes for your hike.

5. Swim at the falls

11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters! - Falls

One of Mambukal’s Seven Falls. Image Source: Flickr

You just can’t resist taking a dip at the natural wonder of the seven falls. Once you are there after your hike, you can just let loose and swim! There are those who dare and jump from the top of the falls. I haven’t tried that yet but daredevils are welcome to it.

6. Ride a boat at the Boating Lagoon

You and your friends or family can rent a boat and ride around the man-made lagoon. The water from the mountains feeds the lagoon. It has a great view of the surrounding trees and lodges. You can definitely enjoy a scenic boat ride. It is also fun and you can try chasing each other around the lagoon in your boats. Just be careful not to fall over.

7. Climb a wall

If you are in for another challenge, you can try wall climbing. For a fee, you can test your strength and aim for the top. I recommend doing this with friends and try to race to the top. A little competitive spirit always helps adding up to the fun.

8. Try the Slide for Life

You can test your mettle with the zip line. Albeit short, it still gives an exhilarating experience to anyone who dares to try it. I wouldn’t mind trying a longer one though.

9. Relax at the Blade Spa

The dipping pool, the bath house and the spa consists of the three fatigue busters that Mambukal has to offer. You can go to the spa after a hot bath or after your hike at the falls. They offer various massages and other services. You can even get a facial if you would like to pamper yourself more.

11 Fun Things to Do at Mambukal Mountain Resort in the Philippines, 3 are Great Fatigue Busters! - Butterfly garden

Watch the butterflies. Image Source: Flickr

10. Take a stroll inside the Butterfly Garden

Mambukal is rich in different plants and trees. Flowers bloom and accommodate the various butterflies in their Butterfly Garden. It’s a calming sight seeing pretty butterflies while being surrounded by clean air and lush nature.

11. Join the Mudpack Festivities

Mambukal Mountain Resort has an annual Mudpack Festival where the resort’s multi-colored clay is showcased. Artists from different parts of the country showcase their talents in the Festival of Arts. It is held every 3rd week of June. Its aim is to promote preservation of the environment. You can enjoy ethnic dances, music and crafts. And let’s not forget, you can also get a mudpack facial.

I will definitely be returning to Mambukal. It is an experience I would like to have again with my friends and family. I hope you can come and visit, too. Go ahead and enjoy nature while having fun and relaxing at the same time.

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