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11 Most Essential Gadgets For Your Trip. Try To Make Calls Using Your Tablet Without Number 8

important gadgets for your trip

We are now in the digital age. Our life will never be complete without our electrical gadgets making calls, providing information, capturing moments and many more.

important gadgets for your trip

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We must follow the transportation rules about bringing our luggage and gadgets. Before travelling internationally, we have to be aware of the country’s electric voltage. Best, if we will bring power extensions and both 2 and 3 plug chargers so anything will be fine recharging our gadgets.

Since we have to pack as light as possible and we cannot avoid bringing gadgets especially when we are working remotely, to be safer and to have a lighter load, we have to only bring some or all of the most important gadgets for our travel.

1. Smart Phone

Obviously, it is used for making calls, taking pictures and surfing the net. If you cannot leave your expensive smart phone, it is advisable to have 2 phones. One, a cheaper smart phone and two, your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any expensive smart phone. You will use the cheaper one in crowded places or snatcher prone areas. You can then use your expensive smart phone indoors. When taking pictures of places, it is better to use a camera than your phone because you may drop this or someone may steal this from you together with your personal information.

2. Camera

Whether it’s a DSLR, Polaroid or a handy camera, the most important is you can preserve your memories of going to wonderful places and meeting new people. Have these saved also in your memory cards or USB for backup.

Thieves may enter your house by seeing your status updates but if you are excited in posting your travels, set these to private where your family and trusted friends are the only ones who will see your status updates. Set these to public or to all friends if you just came back from your trip.

3. Power banks

Your gadgets will be alive without you desperately looking for power outlets.

4. Flashlight pens

It’s easier to write in the dark without holding a flashlight or finding a lamp.

5. Digital scale

This is lighter than the traditional baggage scale. You can now prepare to pack your things on a luggage without being shocked and rummaging things at the airline checked-in.


6. Device retrieving tags or simple stickers

If you are willing to spend a little more on your gadgets, buy and use device retrieving tags to find your lost gadgets and make data recovery. You can purchase tags by visiting websites of Found-in-town ad Shazham.  If you are not the type to put more money and effort on purchasing these, just use stickers with your names and email address written on these and stick these to your password protected gadgets.

7. Travel Door Alarm

Aside from travel door lock, travel door alarm can protect you and your things from trespassers.

8. Headset

If you are walking on crowded and snatch-prone places, just answer the phone using a wireless headset. Imagine when you are in a public place and if you don’t use a headset on answering calls through a tablet, what will you look like?

9. Music player

essential gadgets for your trip

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

Some are more comfortable resting on calm or noisy places with a music player. You can set your music playlist depending on your mood and place you are travelling in.

10. Laptops or tablets

If you are working remotely or the type to make a travel blog or diary often, laptops or tablets will help you to conveniently record your stories while these are fresh in your memory. You can instantly publish your articles on the Internet.

11. Gadget organizer

Instead of putting out your things just to find a single gadget, invest on a gadget organizer. Your bag’s space and your time will be saved using this.

If you are just thinking of using gadgets for taking selfies, just leave your Go-Pro camera and go for a simple camera or your mobile phone. Avoid bringing unnecessary gadgets to prevent overloading, stress and lost gadgets. Use gadgets for productivity not for flashing these out everywhere.

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