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11 Ways To Travel Calmly And Safely With Kids. Don’t Let Dagger Eyes Pointed To You

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Kids are now excited to see new sights and play in the new environment but they can also be your worst travelling companions. These kids turn into little demons throwing tantrums, screaming and crying on very little things. You don’t want to have a bad temper and become a child abuser don’t you? To avoid becoming the center of people’s distraction, here are the strongest advice to calm your kids and be safe during the trip.

1. Don’t go to crowded places

Instead of going to crowded places where your children will be forced to hold your hand and follow you, just go to calm, wide and peaceful destinations like a beautiful beach with no night bars surrounding it. Opting to go to crowded places especially popular markets is not a good idea because you cannot keep an eye to your children and there’s a bigger chance that they might break things or lost and get kidnapped in these places.

2. Have them wear IDs and make a password

If going to theme parks, have them wear ID laces (up to mid stomach level) or ID wristband or bracelets. Keep the kids with you even you are going to the restroom because this is the time where kidnappers usually attack. Teach your kids not to talk to strangers. Make a password between you. By doing this, they will become alert. If a stranger will approach them, they will ask the password from the stranger and will be able to tell if the stranger is really your relative or a friend in case of emergencies.

In case your child lost, teach them to go to the service or ticket centers of the malls or theme parks. With this way, they will contact you or announce your child’s ID details.

3. Bring healthy snacks

Buy dried fruits, oatmeal cookies, mini packed juice and milk drinks, and small box of cereals so they can have great tasting healthy snacks. Better if you will bring small tumblers and spill-proof bowl (Gyro Bowl) to avoid wastage, spilling and doing a tougher laundry.

4. Bring extra clothes

Spilling and mud might stain your clothes. Worst, kids might vomit on the vehicle. Bring extra clothes and car stain cleaners for the trip.

In riding vehicles, make sure that your toddlers’ car seat is properly secured. Your children can use a regular seatbelt if they can rest their back against the car seat and if they can bend their knees over the front edge of the seat.  The belt on the lap must fit comfortably across their thighs. Make sure that your kids are seating comfortably without slouching. The upper belt must go across the shoulder and chest. Never across the neck, beneath their arm and behind their back. Bring a removable window shade.

5. Schedule a flight on your kids’ napping time

In riding planes, choose the seats back at the plane so your kids will not disturb the passengers on going to the restroom. Even if you can carry your baby, it is strongly advised to book your baby or toddler a seat so you can strapped them in a car seat on top of the plane seat. With this, your kid can be safer during the flight.

If you know the usual wake up and napping time of your kids, book a flight on your kids’ napping time so they will be sleepy during the plane trip.

Don’t let your and the passengers’ nightmare come true. If you have screaming kids with you, book a flight as earliest as possible and let them sleep late so they will not become hyper-active in the morning during your flight.

If your flight’s very long and will depart in the afternoon, let them run inside the play areas or let them play (with your strict supervision) in the airport until they become tired.

Some parents want to drug their noisiest and naughtiest kids but it might get their kids become groggy and cranky. If they really consider this, they have to consult a pediatrician.

6. Let them watch, play and learn.

Let them watch the sceneries inside the car and enjoy yourselves talking about the places you are visiting. Include their favorite toys or books inside the car and the hotel room so they will not miss having fun within their idle time. While having a tour, they can listen to the tour guide and see the places with amazement and if you answer your kids’ questions, they will surely learn and become interested to explore more.

7. Give them a break

If you have long travel hours, plan 1-2 stop-overs so your whole family can stretch out, go to the restrooms and buy some snacks or have a mini picnic or lunch break inside a park.

8. Let them have their own pace

Let your kids have their own pace in doing activities. Your kids will complain and get tired easily or become lazy on the next day if you do all the activities in one day.

9. Give them comfort

A stuff toy or a cute blanket and pillow will make your toddler feel safe and secure. Your toddler might take a nap and will not disturb you and other passengers’ sleeping time.

10. Follow your daily routine

For well-behaved kids, they will be stubborn if they don’t want to wake up in the morning so, sleep early and start your travel early. If you will be going to a vacation house, make your eating, playing, and sleeping at the same time each day so they will become comfortable in the new environment.

If you will go to other places, just have the same time of waking up and sleeping each day.

11. If they become spoiled brats, teach them to appreciate

Advise them that not all things can be get easily. Teach them to appreciate good things in life and they are lucky that they were not experiencing unfortunate situations.

Take lots of pictures and videos using your cameras and gadgets. Travel happily with kids and minimize your worries with them. Distractions to others will also be lessened. Follow these calm and safe tips about travelling with your kids and no more dagger eyes pointing to you and your family.

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