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12 Stress-Free Ways To Enjoy Beach Vacations, And How To Use Baby Powder

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Summer is the hottest season and beach vacations are the norm during this season. You might hate summer because of too much heat, sweat and UV rays. It is difficult to be always fresh during this season. However, this is the season you can enjoy iced drinks, ice cream, gelato, yogurt and any other cold delicacies. You can also show your beautiful body from months of hard work and exercise. Summer is also the best time for kids and the whole family to enjoy outdoor activities especially swimming and building sand castles on the beach.

Beach vacations will become stress-free and enjoyable if you will follow these:

1. What are you looking for in a beach?

Are you going to surf and wait for high tide? Do you want a beach with bars open at night or do you want a private one? Do you like beaches with white sand or with gravel? Do you enjoy staying on an island or do you want to visit places on towns? Decide what you want and then look for vacation deals. If the beach is located near your area, try to go there, look and negotiate.

2. Know the rules

If the resort does not allow you to bring food inside, just bring snacks. If the parking’s near your staying place, just go out there and eat biscuits or sandwiches. If you insist on bringing food inside, just make sure to find ways on hiding food items so you will not be caught by the resort’s security. If food is allowed, better to buy foods on groceries and markets.

If on another country, remind your kids not to take home seashells and sea creatures, you will be fined if the security will see these items on the airport. Double check their things before having your bags checked-in.

beach vacations

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3. Bring your own towels and antibacterial wipes

Resorts usually provide white towels. You can use this together with your own towel. Use the white towel for wiping dirt from your body and use your own towel on your bath or saving beach chairs so you will know where your seats are.

4. Buy your own toys and other stuff

Buying things like goggles, snorkeling items, aquatic shoes, flip flops and beach ball on your way to the beach will be too expensive. Just buy on stores with sale. You will get these same items for less. Also, don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera and phone case so you can also enjoy taking pictures underwater.

5. Use baby powder

Here is the answer for the title. Use baby powder or talcum powder to put on your feet to get the sand off. The powder will sip the moisture  and make the sand fall off.

6. Be nice to the resort’s front desk

Be nice with the front desk person. You can also say that your vacation is so special and other nice things. If you have won the heart of the front desk person. He or She might recommend you to the nicest room where you could view the most beautiful sunrise upon waking up instead of recommending you to a mediocre room.

7. Flip flop’s strap got snapped

Bring a small sewing kit and a contact cement or instant glue. If your bikini or your flip flop’s strap got snapped, instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, try to fix this. For instance, the middle of the bikini top’s strings were snapped behind, try to tie it another way or get a wood ring and tie the strings together with the ring behind so it will not be obvious that you had a summer wardrobe malfunction.

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8. Prepare for emergencies

Don’t wait for the lifeguard or the staff. Bring a small first aid kit. Also, prepare a small spray bottle filled with vinegar for you to be ready in case you were stung by a jellyfish. Vinegar will take the sting out while waiting for medical assistance.

It will be better if you know how to do a CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). If you have saved someone from drowning and you do not know how to do a CPR, better call a first aider or life guard immediately. For children, don’t leave them alone unless an adult is there to accompany them. Don’t go to the farthest and deepest areas of the beach.

9. Zip locks, Beach mat and bags, trash bag

Zip locks will make your things especially your electric gadgets be protected against the sand. Even there were no beach chairs available, you can still enjoy being with the sand by placing a beach mat on the ground. Relax and read a book.

Protect the environment by bringing your own trash bag. You don’t need to collect your food crumbs and other waste by using several plastic bags. If the trash bag’s pull, this is the time you will throw it to the trash can or close the plastic or leave it at the corner if the trash can’s too far from your staying place. The staff will just collect it.

There is a couple who placed zip lock bags on their one hand and foot first and then, sliding these into the wet suite’s sleeve and leg.  With this trick they thought, they have managed to put their wet suits easily.

For sunglasses, if you don’t have a case, just store this on a hard and right sized tube shaped container.

10. Take note of booklets and posters

Don’t ignore the bulletin board of hotel’s entrance, coupon booklets on a hotel lobby and signs of restaurants. These may contain discounts and promos. You can also ask your whole family to tell you if they have noticed cheap deals. You might end up paying your beautiful vacation for less.

11. Have a specific or unique mark in your place

Bring a bright colored or beautifully printed umbrella or towels. Place these dirty towels on top of your cottages. Place your umbrella near your hang-out place so every family member cannot lose their track back and can easily find your staying place. You can also choose your place near a landmark such as office, lifeguard station, entrance, etc.

12. Valuables

Since we cannot avoid to bring some money and hotel key room on the beach itself, place your belongings near you. Everybody must take turns in holding the camera. Leave your mobile phones, cash and other valuables inside a hotel safe and unusual places like stuffing some cash inside socks or inserting a few money between pages of books.  If you cannot avoid to take calls, bring a cheap phone to the beach itself and tell your expected callers to call this phone’s number instead.

Going to a vacation is useless if you are not still happy. Cheer up and make this your opportunity to release stress and your problems temporarily. Have a bonfire on night and exchange funny and scary stories that you will definitely all enjoy. It does not matter what sizes or brands you have. It is the joy of bonding and playing together that matters. Happy summer vacation!

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