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12 Awesome Tips For Solo Travellers Over 60. Don’t Get Your Mature Age Stop You

solo holidays tips for single people over 60 to travel

You are on your way to your retirement and you will be now enjoying around the world trip. My old uncles and dad enjoy travelling to different places. Being over 60 does not stop you on having your own adventure. As a senior, you can enjoy additional benefits and discounts on your travel. You will now enjoy the fruits from your years of hard work. If you have not lost the drive and you are still strong enough to travel. This guide is for you.

senior travel tips

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Holidays Tips For Singles Over 60

1. Grab a travel insurance

You will definitely need this. You are more prone to sickness and injuries. Also, you need to coordinate with your medical insurance as well. Think of this way, having an insurance will save you money and you can use your savings for your other medications. At least, you are rest assured that even you are travelling in another land, you will be covered.

2. Create a list and have a medical check-up

Make a list using your organizer or notebook so you will not forget everything you have planned. Also, think of 1-2 places where you will keep the list so you will know where to search this.

Before booking a flight, reserve aisle seats so you will have a wider legroom, can go to the restroom easily and can seek assistance faster.  If you want to enjoy your long flight more, book a business or first class flight for more comfort and the crew could assist you immediately.

Have a medical check-up with your doctor and other healthcare providers such as going to your dentist and optometrist. Don’t forget to take required vaccinations and medications before your flight. Bring a small first aid kit. Place your meds on a pill organizer and don’t include this on your checked-in bag. Just carry this with you.

3. Pack light

Take fewer clothes and do your laundry more. If for shorter stay, better to pay for the laundry. Test and carry empty bags first before deciding on which bag will be the lightest to carry. Then, you can stack this bag on the top of the stroller bag. A jacket and a small flashlight are enough as extra items. Also, bring a magnifying glass and another pair of eyeglasses. If in case you have a checked-in bag, make your stroller bag as your carry-on bag so you will just pull this when you arrive at the airport.

4. Learn how to operate a mobile phone

Bring a cheap smartphone with you and inform your loved ones where you are. You must learn even only the basics of operating your smartphone. Take note on your phone and organizer the details of your hotel room and the plate numbers of the taxi you are riding in.

5. Wear flat shoes

Use sandals and flat shoes without laces. Flat shoes will make you comfortable and be able to walk well. Look for your desired shoe designs so you will not feel haggard and ugly.

travel tips for seniors

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6. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance

If you do not have a carry-on stroller bag and need assistance during transfer flight, don’t hesitate to ask for cart or wheelchair assistance especially if you are a slow walker. Stay hydrated and do short walks to make your body function well. When you get your checked-in bags at the airport, check if things are still complete and if there are illegal things that were put inside your bag. If there are, stay on your place and ask an airport staff to call the airport security.

7. Do not travel in places with no help access

Travel where you can be taken within a few walks up to a few minutes to the nearest hospital. You must save the hotline numbers so you can call the ambulance and the police. You may also get the fire department contact number as well if you are renting an apartment.

Aside from knowing the locations of hospitals and police stations. Get to know your own embassy in the place. Also, connect with friendly hotel staff so you can call them while you are in an emergency.

8. Stop and do not travel on late hours

Just get an accommodation during night hours and travel the next morning. Do not walk on isolated places.

9. Don’t tell the public where you are

solo holidays tips for single people over 60 to travel

Don’t brag to your neighbors about your travel especially when no one’s left inside your house. If you can post on social media accounts, make your travel adventures exclusive to your family and close friends and set your posts to all friends when you get back at your home country.

10. Watch your diet and meds

If you have diabetes, avoid the temptation of eating cake and other sweets. Better not to eat your prohibited food and drinks than going to the hospital and become a checked-in patient causing you more liabilities. Drink your meds as prescribe and scheduled. Wear a wrist watch and set an alarm so you will enjoy your vacation without worrying and looking too often at your watch.

11. Accommodations

Inform the hotel desk the time when you will arrive the hotel. An hour before you go from your place, call the hotel to request a taxi for your pick-up. If you find this too expensive or the hotel does not have this service, better ride on public transportation vehicles where many kinds of passengers are inside. Just guard your belongings and don’t put your wallet in your pockets. Put this inside your sling or belt bag and place this in front of you.

12. Senior discounts

Search if the place you are going offer senior citizen discounts. Before going inside the restaurant or other establishments, ask if they honor a senior discount. Then, you can decide if you will go there or look for another one.

That’s it! Even if your family or friends don’t want to go on your desired places, you can do this alone as long as you are fit and you know what to do in situations. When you return back home, inspire and share your travel stories to everyone.

P.S: We don’t stop travelling because we grow old. We grow old because we stop travelling. It’s not how old you are, but it’s how you are old. So keep travelling and enjoy your adventures!

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