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12 Travel Tips For Business Mothers, Can Also Be Perfect For Singles Too

Business Travel For Women

Today, many women emerge as successful entrepreneurs. Also, most mothers have managed to flourish their professional careers and have a time dealing with their families. They work hard to provide the needs of their families.

Congratulations! You got the deal. Now, you have to fly and have a meeting with clients. Have an organized business trip without leaving your family chaotic. Here are the simple tips for you:

1. Wear dark clothes

Know the weather forecast and pack your clothes that are suitable for trip. You can also bring an additional set of clothes so in case of sudden weather changes, you will be protected from sickness. Bring dark colored plain clothes so these will not be easily dirtied and you can manage to wear these again on business meetings. Pack coats inside out so you can still use the coats even when stained inside. It will be best to bring wrinkle resistant clothes.

Business Travel For Women

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2.  Set perfect time for the “family” meeting

Set a perfect time where you can share the happenings with your family. If you have small children. You should see them to know their condition.

3. Have both an electronic and a handy organizer

Keep listing your appointment schedules and things to bring. Look for babysitters if your husband always comes to your home every day or night. If no one will be left in the house except the children, leave them to your parents or trusted relatives. Be sure to leave them notes and reminders about their food, medicine, allergies and activities each day.

You may consider saving digital copies of your documents on your password protected electronic gadgets or laptop.

4. Do not drink water and beverages with ice

Expecting that you will present a meeting and talk with clients in a professional manner, you have to preserve your voice. Eat your breakfast and do not drink beverages with ice. For delicious foods, chew thoroughly and eat slowly so you will not have an upset stomach. During your travel, drink plenty of bottled water to prevent dehydration. Also bring snack bars.


5. Don’t look like a friendly person

Being nice and friendly is different than looking like one. You have to look like you are hardly approachable (except of course to the flight attendants and staff) so strangers will know that they cannot easily fool you.

Smiling often with someone may mean that you are looking for a romantic relationship.

businesswoman's meeting

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6. If you cannot let go of your wedding ring, please leave it

Aside from not bringing flashy jewelries, wear average or cheap priced jewelries that will compliment your professional look. As for the wedding ring, just wear a fake one so you will not attract unwanted attention.

7. Be careful when commuting

Never leave your drinks and food unattended. Someone may put substance on these. Never walk on dark and abandoned places. If you are commuting, just go with the buses and trains that have many people. If riding a taxi, remember the plate number and the face of the driver. Send the plate number to your companion or colleagues that you really know during the trip.

8. Keep your pepper spray, whistle and cellphone with you

You might encounter kidnappers, hostage takers and criminals. Use the whistle or shout if someone’s trying to get you. Don’t hesitate to use pepper spray. Learn basic self defense.

Cellphone is very useful in case of emergencies. Just don’t use this on the streets if you can just use it indoors.

A first aid kit consisting of tablets or pills, betadine, alcohol, band aids, tape and gauze are enough to bring on your travel.

9. If you feel sick or unwell, do not go to private clinics

If there is no hospital in the place and you cannot avoid going to clinics, just go to the state-run ones.

10. If choosing a hotel is within your hands, choose well established ones

Before having a reservation in a cheap hotel, be sure that it is a well-established and people-surrounded hotel. Know the nearest police stations and hospitals, take note of the hotlines. Send your family at home your room number, address and contact details of your staying place. Also, send them pictures of your travel and the names of your colleagues.

11. Bring your most important documents and valuables with you

Someone may sabotage your business deal if you will just leave your suitcase in a room. Bring this with you always. For some documents and a few cash, just place it on a hotel safe, tissue packaging, socks and napkin or tampon packaging.

12. Bring gifts on your return

Your family especially your children will be excited to see you, your stories and your gifts. Assuming that you are busy, buying simple souvenirs and locally made foods are enough to put smiles on their faces.

If they are staying with your relatives, do not forget to say thank you to them.

Good Luck on your business and family career! A successful trip while maintaining a family will be the best achievement you can be proud of.

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