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16 Genius Wardrobe Packing Tips. Pay Attention to Number 13

wardrobe clothes packing tips
wardrobe clothes packing tips

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Many things to consider before travelling but the most annoying part is how to fit your entire wardrobe in a small travel bag. You don’t want to lose poise by carrying large suitcases or bags. These easy to remember packing tips will save you extra space for your souvenirs and foot wear. Be fashionable and start smart packing your lovable outfits. Let’s go! Post confidently your outfit of the day.

1. Make a list

Plan your trip and then plan your outfit. For long vacations, you can follow this guide on washing clothes while enjoying your trip. Making a list will save you time and avoid embarrassment.

2. Keep Rolling and Seal It!

Roll clothes so you can save space. You can also buy vacuum sealed bags not only for saving space but also for fresher and cleaner clothes.

3. Bring a simple sewing kit

A small sewing kit consists of a few strands of different threads rolled in a small cardboard, a few pins and a needle is enough.

4. Use a Belt

If you want to keep your collars unfolded or from wrinkling, it will be best to use a rolled belt and place it inside the collar.

5. Make these Flat

For dresses, skirts and pants, lay these flat in the suitcase and let the excess hang out on both ends. If you like jeans, bringing only one is enough for your trip. Just leave your thick pants in your home.

6. Cosmetics and toiletries

These must be packed in a plastic bag or zipped lock. To be fashionable, you can make a mini soap pouch out of your face towel. For mini shampoos and perfumes with twist and turn lids, get some plastic wrap, open the lid, place the plastic and screw it again with the lid to avoid further spilling.


7. Shower Cap for a Shoe

Shoe bags are a big help in protecting your shoes but if you have an unused shower cap, just wrap or place your shoes inside.

8. Beauty Inside and Out

If you don’t want your jackets or coats to be stained, pack these inside out and fold.

9. Parties or Formal Events

Bring a simple dress together with a few jewelries or accessories. Scarfs and shawls can make you more sophisticated. If you are too lazy change clothes on casual events, just wear one colored shirt and pants or shorts and just do a match and pair.

10. Diaper Wrappers

Pack your jewelries inside unsuspecting containers such as diaper or napkin wrappers, sandwich bags, etc.

11. Power Banks or Extension Cords

Gadgets are necessary for some to complete the whole get up. To have a full charge, bring power banks while in hotels, you can ask for extension cords so you can charge more gadgets at the same time with your friends. You may bring a 3 outlet adaptor.

12. Shades or Eyeglasses Case

Earphones or charges can be placed on unused eyeglasses case to save time in rolling it all over again.


13. Know the Culture

For destinations abroad, know the culture and appropriate attire there. For instance in Malaysia, you can still wear shorts and sleeveless dresses while in other countries especially the Middle East, you have to wear long dresses or skirts longer than your knees and make sure that your shoulders are covered.

14. Baggage Fee

For flights, make sure that the weight of your bag does not exceed the required baggage weight. Use a weighing scale (can be a bathroom scale) just to be sure.

15. Jungle Adventure

If your destination is going to rural areas or to the jungles, only rubber shoes and sandals are suggested. No need to bring expensive shoes.

16. Bring a Hanging Organizer

Hanging organizers makes life easier in hanging your clothes in your room and just packing it whenever you are in a hurry.

No need to worry about over packing or being under dressed. Emphasize your best assets through choosing the best outfit and carrying light. Be ready for pictures. Make others have a good impression about you.


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