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3 Must-Visit Destinations Outside Brisbane For 4WD Enthusiasts

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

4WD and camping have got different meaning to different people. Some think of it as a perfect break from the modern cosmopolitan lifestyle and some find it a pleasant way to get lost in the immense beauty of nature wonders. To many 4WD road tripping is about driving off-the-track and exploring some of the remotest yet breathtaking sights.

For Brisbane locals, some of the most visited and popular 4WD locations are Moreton Island, Bribie Island, Fraser Island and Noosa North Shore. Let’s find out some must-do’s and must-see things on these hottest 4WD camping destinations in Brisbane neighborhood. Read on.

Where To Go In Brisbane For 4WD

#1. Moreton Island

Choose one of the 5 camping grounds to park your 4WD rental Brisbane. All camping areas are close to the beach. Visit Blue Lagoon, Comboyuro Point, Eagers Creek, Ben-Ewa and The Wrecks while here, as they are the major highlights of this island.

Just 35 km away from Brisbane, Moreton Island is home to pristine white sandy beaches, lakes, lagoons, wetlands, and to breeding playground of humpback whales and many other marine species. The island showcase rich birdlife scenes too. So, escape to the island leaving the busy routine life with all its worries behind!

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia | Image source: Flickr

#2. Bribie Island

Are you fond of fishing? If yes, Bribie Island is the place to be. The island is known for fishing excursions. Though small, this Moreton Bay island is well connected to the mainland. You simply need to choose from 4Wd rentals Brisbane and drive your way to  Bribie Island bridge flaunting breathtaking views of Pumicestone Passage, where you can indulge in watching Dolphins, Turtles, Dugong and many other marine creatures.

More than 300 bird species flock to this island every year. On top of all, about 86% landmass of the island is protected as a national reserve, preserving the nature’s beauty for next generations. And to your pleasant surprise, the island has a good number of food takeaways, restaurants, clubs, golf courses, sports zones, hotels, BBQ areas, markets and a movie theatre too.  Board on a fishing boat or cruise the passage for the ultimate fun!

Bribie Island Island in Queensland, Australia

Bribie Island Island in Queensland, Australia | Image source: Flickr

#3. Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the most sought-after destinations for 4WD and camping lovers of Queensland, Australia. It is the largest sand island in the whole world. Stretching over 120km long area, the island offers a huge bunch of natural attractions including rocky headlands, white beaches, freshwater lakes, colored sand cliffs and streams to name a few. Gigantic sandblows and rainforest cover a significant area of the island.

The island is accessible to all 4WD enthusiasts. Book your 4Wd vehicle from a reliable supplier based in Brisbane. Simply browse the web and you will find many offering affordable 4WD rentals Brisbane. It is the great heritage of nature and the opaque aging process of sand dunes that have won this QLD island world heritage listing.

Fraser Island, Queensland Australia

Fraser Island, Queensland Australia | Image source: Flickr

Folks, these are just a tip of the iceberg. Drive outside Brisbane and you will find many 4WD destinations worth exploring. Be prepare to witness some heart-stopping scenes of nature’s diversity while in Queensland.

Author Bio: Jennifer  is a writer and great camping and 4WD road tripping enthusiast. Every time she craves to travel to the remote and unspoiled sites of Moreton Bay in QLD, she looks no further than 4WD rental in Brisbane. She loves to share her experience through their writing for her readers.

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