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3 Top Places in the World to Give You the Party of Your Life. It’s Where Young Adults Should Go!

best party cities in the world

Home…work…home…work. And repeat. How does that sound? Well, to people who are used to it and living that way in most days of their lives, this defines a comfort zone. The thing is, while our comfort zone allow us to “master” our routines, this does not give our life the spice it needs to live it to the fullest. You may be earning more money than normal people do because you work really hard, but have you think of what you have been missing? A good vacation perhaps?

Vacation is a time to relax and have a heck of a party! You may be a girl who considers reading books over a hot cup of coffee the best way to entertain yourself with, but once in your lifetime, you got to get into a crazy party, feel the hype, and loosen up into the rhythm of a good music. If you get a chance to have a vacation, why not choose a destination in the world where you can experience the best of everything—a place where you can experience serenity and go wild if you wanted to be.

Top Places in the World to Give You the Party of Your Life

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From New York to Ibiza, there are so many destinations for people looking for a good party time. Whether you prefer clubbing or getting sun-kissed and join beach parties, we listed 3 of top party destinations to give you the party of your life.

1. Ibiza, Spain

One of the top party destinations, the party capital of the world should go first in the list. For the time being, Ibiza has the best club in the world, Space Ibiza and it hosts spectacular parties participated by tourists from every part of the globe. The island has been popular since the late ‘80’s being a hangout of the hippies which it still is to this day.

The Platja d’en Bossa where the Space Ibiza is located holds the longest stretch of beach in the island. If you want to go celebrity spotting, this is one of the best locations to hang-out with, there are plenty of pubs and bars to treat yourself with amazing cocktails and food. Moreover, if you want rest in a serene spot after a long party night, there are notable accommodations in the place to give you the relaxation you just need.

2. Munich, Germany

Experience the largest funfair in the world with the annual Oktoberfest held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The 16-day festival is participated with more than 6 million people from all over the globe, making it a major tourist event in the country.

Oktoberfest plays a vital role in the culture of the Bavarian locals, having been held annually since 1810. Other countries also made a version of the festival, but not all follows the 2 week-long event that starts in the last week of September. If you want to travel, mingle with people, and taste great beer and German food, Oktoberfest in Germany is for you.

After the partying, and you are looking forward to spend some time for peace and quiet, there are plenty of attractions in Germany to feast your eyes with its medieval landscape, scenic villages, and lovely vineyards.

3. New York, U.S.A

Central Park - Top Vacation Destinations in the World

Central Park, New York Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

New York City is called the city that never sleeps, and party in its popular clubs does not sleep as well. Whether you want a reggae party or you want to have top of the line clubbing experience with models and celebrities on the guest list, you can find one in New York.

When you think that New York is all about towering buildings and posh shops, there are beautiful spots in the State for travellers and locals alike to break free from the hustles and bustles of the city to spend picnics and a good walk. Take the route to Central Park or Fort Tilden, and you’ll definitely love it!

Life is sweetest while you are young, while your knees are still strong enough to dance and run into many places. We are not saying that you turn yourself into a party freak and spend all your days pleasing yourself. The point is, get a time to stop and smell the flowers, take a break when you need to, and go back to your daily routine with a refreshed vigour.

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