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4 Activities to Try on Your Next Holiday Vacation in Italy. You Should Not Miss the Fourth

Small Town Vacation in Italy

Are you planning to go into an exciting European trip? If you do, you might want to consider Italy as your vacation destination. Aside from good food and spectacular historical places, Italy offers a great deal of adventure for people who love sports… and for those who want to try sports as well.

travel in Italy

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Italy is an amazing country to spend your holidays with. There is a huge list of marvellous places to visit and you will never run out of good restaurants to satisfy your appetite for palatable food. In fact, there are culinary tours offered in Italy, and even a vacation package for those who wanted to be culinary experts. Interestingly, Italy is not all about century old churches and beautiful countryside. Athletic travellers can also definitely enjoy their stay in the country and make the most of Italian sports and nature vacations. Italians love sports. Hiking, boating, cycling, and horseback riding are just some of the adventures to try with. To elaborate on the sports activities tourist can do in Italy, here are the 4 sports to try while spending your holidays in the country.

1. Hike in the Terrains of Rome

Hiking the village of Via Francigena is you way to the ancient pilgrimage route of Assisi to Rome. This experience is not only for the delight of people who seeks for adventure as it can turn to be a meaningful hike passing through ancient abbeys and century-old tombs. Along the journey, travellers can also sample the culinary delights of the place as well as the famed regional wines. The Umbria to Rome countryside offers a scenic view of quaint farmhouses, lush mountain ranges, oak forests, and olive groves.

2. Cycle in the Country Roads of Tuscany

Biking Holidays in Italy

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Physical activities are the basic requirements of a definite sporting holiday. Sports lovers who demands physically stimulating activity for the benefit of well-being will never be disappointed cycling in Italy. Cycle through the beautiful landscape of Val d’Orcia, Crete Senesi, and Chianti, the places of inspiration of the Renaissance art. While riding their bike, travellers can find inspiration in the scenic vineyards, olive groves, and sunflower farms in the finest hills of Tuscany. More to the memorable scenery, tourists can also marvel with the traditional food and cultural experience that defines why Italy is one of the most amazing places in the planet.

3. Horseback Ride in Sicily

Horseback riding is another activity to ignite your sporting passion in Italy. Since there are lovely countryside to give a fill for your eyesight, horseback riding in Italy feels like going back to the medieval ages. One of the best routes for the activity is Mount Etna in Sicily. It is Europe’s highest active volcano, and its past eruptions left lava flows that added to its trail’s character. Mount Etna is known to the ancient Greeks as the realm of the God of Fire Vulcan, and home of Cyclops, the one-eyed beast of Greek Mythology. To ride past Mount Etna leaves spectacular sights of Italy’s greeneries. There are also cosy inns near the place to offer rest and delectable meals for the diners.

4. Boat in the Waters of Venice

Vacations in Italy

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Venice is a treasure paradise of Italy. It is a place with plenty of stories to tell, inspiring poets, with its classic grandeur. To boat in the waters of Venice, Italy leaves such an amazing opportunity. You can see interesting scenes at every turn, with inviting medieval villages and chateaus. The beauty of getting into a boat trip is that it does not rush you to reach new destinations unless you please to. It is comforting and at the same time will let you experience the best of the Italy’s mini destinations. Though boating is no strenuous physical activity, it is one that you should never miss out when you visit Italy. Boating does not really require experience. Ask a good boating service in the area and try it yourself! There are plenty of activities to enjoy and try in Italy. It is one of the finest destinations in Europe, and is definitely a place to fall in love with. Like in any travel, make sure that you plan ahead before making your trip to ensure that you will not miss the place’s highlights as well as the activities you wanted to experience.

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