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4 Amazing Scuba Diving Destinations in USA

Half-moon caye Great Blue Hole

A Deep sea diving is one way of making a trip to the beach worthy to remember. Scuba diving is more of a fun whether you will be interested in meeting deep sea creatures or exploring the coral formations in the deep seas. Moreover scuba diving is also an athletic game for those who love extreme games. In case you want to indulge in diving adventure, USA is rich in the best diving sites. They include the following.

#4. Dutch Springs, Pennsylvania

This spot features a lot of underwater attractions for the deep sea divers to enjoy. It is internationally known for being the best place for divers who look for a little bit of fun below the water surface. It harbors a fifty acre land of water mass. The major underwater attractions include the Sikorsky Helicopter which is 85 feet long, the pilot boat, trolley, airplanes and the Cement Tank. It has great spots to host picnics and other party events.

Dutch Springs Scuba Diving, Pennsylvania

Dutch Springs | Image source: Flickr

#3. Ginnie springs

This is located at Central Florida. Its water is clear thus facilitating diving events. Moreover, there are a number of caverns and caves which can be explored by the advanced divers. There are numerous diving sites such as the Santa Fe River. Featured here also is the warm bath house where divers can take warm showers. Besides, there is also lot of fun activities for a full package of diving experience. Diving at this spot is fantastic.

Ginnie springs scuba diving

Ginnie springs | Image source: Flickr

#2. Casino Point Marine Park

It features several small wrecks, various marine lives and a protected park located underwater. There is several dive shops where you can get wide variety of diving costumes for your event. You will also enjoy a cool break at one of the boutique hotels found here and get a chance to meet foreign companions. No money is paid at the entrance of this dive park.

Florida Keys

Image source: Flickr

#1. Florida Keys

This has for a long time remained a popular diving destination to most of the visitors both local and international. This is perhaps due to its rich diversity in a number of ship wrecks. Some of the divers here are driven by the search for hidden treasure and gold while others go to explore the rich historical background of this diving spot. The missile-tracking ship which is 523 feet long is one popular attraction in this spot.

Florida Keys Scuba Diving

Florida Keys | Image source: Flickr

Here’s one bonus destination in Latin America.

Half-moon caye, Belize

In case you will like a wall dive, then this site would be best for you. The waters here are very clear allowing you for a clear view of all the aquatic life inside. The water depth is extremely deep and harbors a number of wildlife including the turtles, loggerheads, barracuda, eels and rays. Group diving is common in this place. The seabed in this spot is filled with sand and one can easily see the dark corals especially when the sun is overhead. Diving at this spot involves a combination of bobby bird and lunch break expedition.

Half-moon caye Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole | Image source: Flickr

Half Moon Caye Natural Monument

Half Moon Caye | Image source: Flickr

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