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4 Famous Theme Parks To Visit Around The World

dear daniel

Do you ever feel even once in your life to have fun in amusement parks? Enjoying rides, watching shows and eating food with the gang is one of the best mini outings that you can do. Since famous amusement parks are now sharing entertainment through building parks on several countries, many can now feel connected to the cartoon characters and films without going far and spending more. Whether you are going to the main park or its branches, you must take a look at this post so you can decide which park you will go first.


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4. Legoland

This park is said to be not fully owned by Lego Group (30% stake) but rather owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments, a British theme park company.

Remember the days you were using Lego blocks to build something? This educational theme park will not bore you and its target are families with children age 11 years old and below. Parents will love this because their young children can enjoy the not so extreme rides. People can interact and have a fun learning through building Lego blocks and understanding how things work such as fluid flows in dams, musical instruments and more.

Universal Studios

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3. Universal Parks and Resorts

Also known as Universal Studios Theme Parks, kids can enjoy this place but adults will probably enjoy more than them. See how moviemakers create special effects and astounding sets that you would have thought that exist in real life. Teenagers will also enjoy the rides. Feel the world of Jurassic park, jungles, Hollywood and more by visiting this place.

dear daniel

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Sanrio Puroland

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2. Sanrio Puroland

Yeah we now know that Kitty White a.k.a Hello Kitty is not a cat but a British school girl with whiskers and paws (yeah right, a British schoolgirl in a mascot, everyone’s happy that Snoopy is a dog), how about we visit one of the cutest places on earth. See Hello Kitty and her friends in this indoor theme park and watch cute mascots everywhere. Girls will be going crazy with its extensive gift shop featuring and selling Sanrio merchandise. Everyone can see her charming and beautiful house full of furniture, accessories and things that are shaped like her head.


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1. Disneyland

Since the news about Hello Kitty being not a cat is ridiculous, is Goofy a dog because Mickey Mouse has a pet dog named Pluto just like Hello Kitty having Charmmy Kitty as a pet? Okay, that’s it, so far Goofy is a dog.

Since 1955, millions of guests are visiting this place. Walt Disney and the guests has made their dreams come true.

Mickey Mouse is one of the world’s most popular cartoon characters since the 1920s. Not only he and his friends are there, but also other popular characters from Walt Disney films even the modern ones like Toy Story, Lilo & Stitch, etc.

Not only are the rides great but also the restaurants and other attractions. Shows are very entertaining and if you happen to visit Disneyland on other countries (Japan, Hong Kong, etc.) there’s a translation on the TV screens located in the corners of the stage. No one will ever forget about Disney. As long as the merchandise, cartoons and theme parks are alive, Mickey Mouse and friends will forever touch children and those that are young at hearts.

Parents’ responsibility is not only making their children happy but also keeping them safe from harm. Be alert and search for tips about having a safe and cheap trip on theme parks. Teenagers and adults must be careful in choosing rides. With these reminders, they will definitely enjoy their visit without experiencing major problems.

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