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4 Guaranteed Tips to Make Your Air Travel Easier

india air travel tips

Flying in the beautiful skies has become more complicated than ever. Airline problems, delays, and other unexpected circumstances seemed to be the norm and enduring the long line of security checks in some of the world’s airports is enough to make passengers feel annoyed. However, if you are a traveler, you are left with no choice. You have to go through all the tedious processes to reach your destination.

4 Guaranteed Tips to Make Your Air Travel Easier

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Nonetheless, flying should not be bring a horrible feeling (except for the jet-lag of course). There are plenty of airlines that provide a great service, exceptional food and more. This is a part of your journey as a traveler and you have to enjoy every minute of it as possible. How? The trick is, minimizing the inconveniences to make it free of hassles.

Read on to find out the planning techniques you could implement to make your travel easy and fun:

1. Go to the airport early.

india air travel tips

Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

If you want to ensure that everything will run smoothly for you, you have to get to the airport two hours prior to your flight schedule. However, there still are so many passengers who disregard this request and arrives to the airport minutes before their flight. This could create a big trouble if there is a long line in the security or check-in counter. There is a great possibility of missing the flight, and worst, is being left by the plane and standing there at the airport without a guarantee of a seat for the next flight.

Do not gamble your money and time, be punctual and you will thank yourself incredibly.

2. Choose the morning flight.

To ensure that you will get into your destination with lesser risk for delays, taking the morning flight is your best bet. Morning flights are less likely to run late, and they are also have lesser chance of getting affected by weather problems. Another good thing is, when the first flight gets delayed or cancelled, there will be probably flight alternatives that the airport will offer or you can even take the next flight.

To ensure a good air travel, being early pays really well.

3. Do not fly during the “rush hours.”

If you are not catching up on a strict schedule, try not to fly during the busiest hours in the airports. Normally, they are from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM, and in the afternoon from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM. During these hours, airports are crowded with people waiting for their flight schedule. The crowd means longer line for security checkpoints, more people in the waiting areas, in restaurants, comfort rooms, and even in the airport lobby.

If you want to get rid of the busy crowd for a more smooth travel, then pick those hours apart from these schedules.

4. Go for direct flights.

If the option is possible, a direct flight to your destination will save you from the risks and costs of stopping to a country. A direct flight also lessen the possibility of getting delayed so if you want to get to your destination at once, this is the best option.

However, for a traveller, there is a few perk in stopping and staying overnight in between travel. This means, you have a chance to visit a new destination without really asking for it. So you make your choice, whatever is convenient is good. Just make sure that you book a connecting flight with enough time in between.

More to ensuring that everything would go nicely from taking your seat on the plane to reaching your destination, there are plenty of ways to keep yourself rested and entertained during your flight. Bring a sleeping kit, if there are in-flight Wi-Fi offers, pay for it. Keeping yourself busy over something can help you not notice the long hours of flight. Go watch some good movies, listen to your favourite music, or read magazines. There are plenty of entertainment options to choose from to take it to your advantage.

Moreover, do not forget to take care of your health. The air in cabins are not that humidified and this can cause you dry throat and chapped lips. The simplest and most effective solution is drinking water. Stay hydrated and you will be good.

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