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4 Restaurants You Should Not Miss In Mauritius 


Mauritius, an island nation in East Africa, is well-known around the world for its pristine beaches, its capital of Port Louis, and location in the Indian Ocean. But even more than beaches, Mauritius’ landscape with its forested interiors is well-suited for all kinds of outdoor activities. It is a nature lover’s dream destination.

The white sand beaches or the dense green of the forest, whatever you choose will be a magical experience. In addition to splendid panoramas, Mauritius is a culinary heaven. As a melting pot of diverse cultures, Mauritius is home to multiple cuisines from across the world. Whether Indian, Peruvian, or authentic Creole, there is so much you can sample and explore. 

Here are four of the top-rated Mauritius restaurants to delight the gourmand in you. 


With rave reviews, L’Atelier is easily one of the most popular restaurants on the island. A perfectly crafted selection for pescatarians, vegetarians, and those who enjoy fine food with finer wines, L’Atelier invites all to taste test their way through an exquisite menu. The restaurant is located in Mythic Suites & Villa Resort in Grand Gaube and non-residents can definitely enjoy their fine-dining experience. The restaurant’s concept is a commitment to Mauritius’ local flavours and taste. Freshly-sourced ingredients from their own Eco-garden elevate your dining experience. 

Le Barachois 

A concept restaurant that floats above the ocean while you make your way through a lantern-lit pathway, Le Barachois is more than just its delicious food. Separate dining cabanas promise a private, intimate dining adventure. Candle-lit dinners are just so much better when paired with delicious, fresh food. You can relish fresh seafood like tuna tartare with sunset drinks to toast the magical sun-kissed sky. Vegetarians and vegans will enjoy the offerings as well. Le Barachois is an unforgettable, romantic, and lovely escape from the mundane. It is located in Pointe de Flacq offering uninterrupted sea views from all sides. 


A first of its kind, INTI is a luxurious restaurant in Grand Gaube, part of LUX Grand Gaube. Offering unique Peruvian and Argentinian flavours, INTI is an intimate fine-dining restaurant for diners who enjoy flavours that sing. Excellent service coupled with fresh ingredients make INTI a must-visit in Mauritius. There is an open grill kitchen and Pisco bar to complete your visit. Live music truly embellishes the night even further, making your dining affair all the more excellent. Some recommended dishes are sea bass, tuna ceviche, and the beetroot salad. 

Escale Créole 

And now for the most-awaited authentic Creole flavours, you need not look further than the well-known Escale Créole in Moka. Traditional Mauritian flavours will give you a glimpse of the local culture. This is where you go when you really want to experience the local cuisine. A quaint, family-owned restaurant with a garden theme and open-sided dining, Escale Creole is perfect for brunch or lunch when the sun’s still up. Dive into the menu, indulge in homemade drinks and desserts, and relish the flavours to your heart’s content. 

There are countless restaurants that are worth a visit in Mauritius, each offering something unique. If you’re staying in one of the many lovely Mauritius villas, you can even request a private chef to cook local food for you. Tasting a country’s flavours brings you closer to its people. And, this is the best way to learn about any place.

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