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4 Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Backpack, You Have To Set Number 1

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Backpack

Choosing the right backpack is vital to travellers. Pick a very big one and your shoulders will hurt with weight, pick the small one and you have nothing to put in. To ensure an enjoyable travel, even the smallest things matter, and you cannot bear the hassle if your backpack cannot stand weather conditions.

Many travellers prefer using a backpack since it allows the both hands to be free. Shoulder bags normally moves and slip around, and there is a great possibility of losing your balance when you are hiking or crossing over the dirt mud. A good backpack is fastened in your back so it will less likely slip. It also allows you to take the weight of your load evenly for a more comfortable travel.

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Travel Backpack

Choose your Travel Backpack
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A good backpack is an investment. Unlike your suitcase which you only use at the beginning and the end of the trip, your backpack is your travel partner. It contains all the travel essentials you may not live without, and the last thing that you want to happen is for your backpack to be the major source of inconvenience.

A good travel backpack can last for very long years. To ensure that you will get one that you will be happy to have, here are the 4 things to consider when buying a travel backpack.

1 The Need

While you may think that a travel bag is simply a travel bag, they actually are not. Travel bag come in different sizes, shapes, and work for various functions, and travellers have to identify which is the right one according to their need.

There are a few types of backpacks to choose from. Basically, they fall in three categories:

Daypack - Travel Backpack

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Daypacks. If you are going for a single day trek, biking, or any adventure that will not require you to stay for days, a day pack will save you from the effort of carrying large packs. Good daypacks have a hip-belt feature to prevent the bag from uncontrollably moving on your back.

Internal frame packs. The internal frame version of a backpack is often used by travellers with lots of load to put in their bag. Internal frame bags are designed to hug the persons back to that the load will be clenched to the spine while the weight is being transferred into the hip area.

This type of backpack is perfect for travellers who enjoy mountaineering and skiing. However, if you normally hike in hot weather, you have to pick a bag with breathable mesh on the frame to facilitate better circulation.

External frame packs. For heavy duty travel, the best option is an external frame backpack. This type of backpack has a higher center of gravity for better weight transfer on the hips and also allows the traveller to walk with an upright posture. External packs are often loaded with many pockets

2 The Material

Travel Backpack - Internal Frame

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The best heavy duty backpack could last a very, very long time. The secret? It is not that difficult to fathom. Good materials make a backpack durable and protective, and you have to carefully select one that can be your travel buddy for years to come.

Take note of these factors:

  • Water resistant
  • Comes with lockable zippers.
  • Multiple compartments
  • Padded hip belt
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Padded back.

3 The Size

Backpacking experts suggest that the ideal travel backpack could hold at least 60 litres. It should be capable of containing the things you need without letting your hands carry other things.

Another good trick is to buy a backpack with two main parts. One is a large main pack, and the other, a smaller daypack. This will save you from the inconvenience of unearthing your backpack from the bottom for your travel essential.

4 The Price

If you are planning to buy a travel backpack, you have to prepare to spend. Quality and durability has a price and you would not want to have a bag that will break at the middle of your trip. If your goals is to save a few bucks but not sacrificing quality, make time to do an online research. There are plenty of online deals you can take advantage with.

Investing on travel essentials is vital for a hassle-free adventure. There is no definite rule in choosing the best backpack, but make sure that it will not jeopardize your trip!

Have a happy travel!

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