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4 Ways to Pull-off a Grecian-Inspired Wedding for Your Destination Wedding in Greece

Grecian Inspired Destination Wedding

Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, is also a center of education and civilization in the ancient times. The country is a living history in itself with beautiful places that tell astonishing stories of wars, religion, and more. Every year, Greece is home to more than 15 million travelers around the world, and from weddings to family vacation, the country is simply a tourism wonder.

Make the most of your destination wedding in Greece by pulling off a Grecian-inspired wedding. With such wedding theme, you can be your own goddess in your own special day. Well, why not?! A Grecian-inspired wedding is classic and elegant choice that does not go outdated, and with its mythical fashion, it works perfectly for brides and grooms of all ages.

Grecian Inspired Destination Wedding

Grecian Wedding Inspiration
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So how do you get the style? Here are the 4 ways to pull-off a Grecian-inspired wedding for your destination wedding in Greece.

1. Dress like the Greek Gods and Goddesses

For the Bride: It is not difficult to fashion a bride to look like a Greek goddess. There is a huge list of inspiration available on the Internet for the trendiest looks.

Get yourself a Grecian bridal gown. Normally, Greek-inspired dresses has an asymmetrical or haltered neckline. The fabric is light and drapey with little to none embroidery. You can choose freely for the shade of your bridal gown, but it is the bright white that provides a heavenly impact.

Greek gowns are simple yet elegant. Wear gold or silver accessories or just accent your dress with thin metallic threads or belt. For the footwear, choose a metallic gladiator-inspired sandals that is popular for the Greeks. Accessorize with bangles or arm cuffs, and more importantly complete your look with an elegant updo.

For the Groom: In many cases, the groom can wear a conventional tux despite a themed wedding. However, with a splendid Greek-goddess for a bride, the groom should complement the look for a total package.

There is no need for the groom to be almost half naked like what we see in the movies for actors depicting the Greek gods. He can play down a tuxedos formality by wearing a breezy top made of a lighter fabric. This, on the other hand, does not necessarily work for a church wedding. If you choose a formal ceremony, you also have to dress formally.

For an outdoor wedding, the bride and groom can complete their Grecian-inspired get up by wearing a Greek wedding crown called Stefana. It’s stylish and offers a traditional Greek bridal look.

2. Incorporate the Greek Architecture in your Decoration

Doric Columns - Greece Destination Wedding

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Pillars and olive branches picture the ancient Greece so incorporating these elements to your wedding backdrop can give you an ultimate Grecian feel.

Whether you decide on a wedding by the beach or a garden ceremony filled with florals and greenery, white silky drapery rolled over the marble-like pillars with intricately designed metallic linings can be enough to complete the wedding inspiration for your destination wedding in Greece.

3. Serve Greek Delicacy on the Reception

Just like Greece is rich in history and culture, it is also rich in delicacies to fill an epicurean palate. Delight on the Greek baklava and serve your guests with Greece’s traditional wedding pastry such as xerotigana and gamokouloura.

Also, bring in the tradition by entertaining your guest by a Saxophone player or playing a classic Greek music.

4. Explore Historic Places in Greece

Greece Wedding Destination

Santorini View Greek Island.
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Deciding to choose Greece for your destination wedding is a promise of fun-filled adventure and limitless sight-seeing. A trip to Parthenon, an exploration on the beaches of Crete, a tour to the Greece’s Archaeological Museum; there simply are so many activities you and your guests can participate.

Make the most of your destination wedding in the beautiful country of Greece. Make sure to plan it a head and ask for an assistance of a local wedding coordinator in the area. Definitely, you would want your wedding to be a memorable experience for you and your guests. Make it hassle free for them.

A destination wedding often involves plenty of preparations. Give yourself ample of time and make sure that you send your invitation to your guests as early as possible. No matter how awesome your wedding will be, what makes it more special are the people who matters to you most.

Make every moment count! Enjoy your trip and we are sending our best wishes in advance!

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