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5 Awesome Field Trip Ideas For Teens. Better Let Them Learn Without Getting Bored

field trip ideas for teens

People in their teenage years are the most rebellious. They are the most stubborn ones. They can obey or not follow the rules depending on how the parents discipline them. When teens get bored, they will just walk away and find something that is interesting but how would you be so sure if these teenagers are doing interesting things that are good for them?

Whether you are a school principal or a parent, to make them stay away from bad influence and make them take the right path to become a better person, here are the most awesome field trip ideas for the teenagers:

field trip ideas for teens

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#1 Student Organized trips

Instead of hearing teens’ complaints, set a field trip criteria and budget then, let the high school students nominate and vote for the most exciting and cool educational places to visit. They may also suggest to watch theater or stage plays. This suggestion may be beneficial for both of you since students can see pretty or handsome actors or actresses and at the same time, they can learn a lot form literature while you are spared of severe headache.

#2 City and Art museums (the cool ones)

City museums will make them appreciate more about their neighborhood or city they live in. They may also ask their parents or grandparents about the events in the past thus, creating a bonding moment.

Regarding art museums, teenagers like to see cool art like Andy Warhol’s works. If possible, go to art museums where it offers teen programs so teens can enjoy hands-on activities on doing their masterpieces.

Comics, special effects or animation studios are cool destinations for aspiring artists and animators. Advertising companies, businesses and film studios are hiring these kind of professionals even recession occurs.

#3 Science / Science Fiction museums

Science museums are now usually fantastic so kids and adults can enjoy and play. They will also discover many impossible things that can be done through science. They will learn to experiment things safely. Science Fiction museums will be appreciated more because of robots and many interesting exhibits.

field trips

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#4 Organic Farm Tour

They will learn how fruits and vegetables were made and delivered. They will participate to plant and conserve earth resources. Aside from saving a lot because they can make a mini vegetable plantation on their backyard, they can also have a healthy diet.

Make them pick fruits and vegetables and have them prepare their meals together.

#5 Youth Prison or Outreach programs

Let them visit a prison for juvenile delinquents so they will be aware of the consequences of their naughtiness and improper actions. Have them feel the reality of life through visiting prisons and doing outreach programs. They might feel lucky because they do not need to struggle hardships and obstacles to get their necessities. A sense of fulfillment will be made because they can help others who are in need and they can also share their blessings.

Making them go to the factories and just blah blah museums will get them bored and have a drinking (alcoholic drinks) session in the night. They may turn into juvenile delinquents if they were not guided properly because they think attending school sucks. If they become bored, they will not listen and respect elders because they think they have the right choices without realizing that their family especially the parents work hard to provide them their basic needs and education. Teenagers will learn to do legal and honest living without being dependent from their parents if they will be educated and disciplined well.

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