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5 Basic Life Skills to Learn for an Enjoyable Backcountry Experience

5 Basic Life Skills to Learn for an Enjoyable Backcountry Experience

A backcountry adventure is a fulfilling activity for outdoor and adventure lovers. The trees, and everything which makes the backcountry more beautiful, contribute to both educational and personal purposes.

5 Basic Life Skills to Learn for an Enjoyable Backcountry Experience

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The experience itself is enjoyable since every backcountry offers a unique experience for each time, making it quite different from any other adventure. However, the key to this enjoyment is comfort in self and in nature. Without it, then things may slowly turn on the wrong side.

Attaining this comfort can be done by preventing things to happen, leading to full enjoyment throughout. For this, learning at least five basic life skills is a must in order to have an enjoyable backcountry adventure.

These five basic life skills for an enjoyable backcountry experience include:

#1 Knowledge of Basic First Aid

The most important skill a traveler, or anyone, can learn is basic first-aid. Since unexpected things can happen at any time, it is always better to know a bit of the basics on responding to any form of minor casualties.

First Aid classes are offered at all times in all places in the world. These classes are not compulsory, yet are probably one of human’s basic necessities in order to survive. Moreover, a backcountry is a remote place, another reason for learning a bit of basic first aid.

#2 Understanding of Basic Navigation Tools

Travelling through a remote place requires the knowledge of navigation tools and the understanding of how to use them.

After all, it is easy to lose your way in an unfamiliar place. This might cause unnecessary anxiety and worries. In order to prevent that from happening, learning how to read maps and to understand compasses will definitely help.

Aside from that, another easy way to locate someone is through the modern GPS.

#3 Knowledge on Creating Fires

5 Basic Life Skills to Learn for an Enjoyable Backcountry Experience

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

Making a fire is probably the first thing man has made. It can be used for cooking, for light, and for warming a camper or a person.

In order to create a fire, two things are necessary to make it: heat and fuel. To achieve this, one only needs to prepare waterproof matches and a small bottle of starting fuel.

Other ways also include rubbing sticks together and rubbing stones together. It can also be done by rubbing a stick and a stone together. Either way is fine, as long as it yields result.

#4 Knowledge on How to Tie a Knot

Knowing how to make a knot is probably something which you think is unnecessary when it comes to survival. However, it can actually be useful in achieving many things.

Knots can be helpful in securing the structure of a tent, as well as to keep intact all of your belongings.

When stuck somewhere where getting help is difficult, a knot can be helpful in making a safe rappel out of a simple rope, a secure tie to make a small raft, or perhaps a strong support for a human body.

#5 Knowledge of Low Impact

The “Low Impact” way is somewhat a concept of preserving our backcountry through keeping our exploration on it to a minimum. Examples of the low impact way include leaving only footprints on the trails and simply taking pictures of the sceneries.

Having the skill to do this will help in keeping our backcountry to what it is at the present. Aside from that, it will also help us since we can continue to enjoy it and keep it safe for the enjoyment of our descendants.

Several organizations have been built with the aim of educating people on keeping the environment safe. Examples of these organizations are the Tread Lightly! and Leave no Trace.

Aside from these organizations, the government also observes in keeping the environment in check.

Having these five skills will undoubtedly help in having an enjoyable backcountry experience. Though some may argue that these skills are not enough, at the very least, these skills are the ones you should start off with in order to guarantee your safety. Make sure that your family, friends, and companions have a knowledge of these five skills, as well.

After all, if one dreams of a completely enjoyable experience in a backcountry, one should never forget to take precautions on certain things in order to avoid mishaps.

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