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5 Basic Things You Should Know About Whale Watching

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Whale Watching

Whale watching is one rare and spectacular show, which is the delight of many animal lovers. These performances are usually watched from aboard sailing cruise ships in the middle of the vast ocean. This article will cite some tips one needs to know with regards to the activity.

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Whale Watching

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For educational and entertainment purposes, whale watching activities have become quite famous, especially during warm months. Imagine yourself aboard a comfortable cruise ship, drifting along the waves in the middle of the sea, while the sun lights the whole place and warms the atmosphere.

Now, what could be more perfect than seeing beautiful humpback whales put on a playful show in front of you – definitely amazing!

If that’s the case, here are five basic things one should know about whale watching:

1. Plan the trip carefully, with regards to detail.

First and foremost, plan the trip with utmost care for detail. Compare and contrasts the pros and cons of each cruise company before choosing.

After choosing the best cruise for you, search online and book the activity in advance. If one has a lot of free time, book a month earlier than the cruise date itself. One month is already the maximum number of days. If not, book at least a week early. Then, check if there are changes in schedules and what not before the actual trip.

Moreover, organized planning should be done, including bringing things that will occupy one’s mind for an hour or two. This is due to the fact that whale watching takes up to 3 hours, with either whales showing up at the same time or showing up a long after a long hour of nothing.

It would be better to bring a book or a compact music player to distract oneself. A few small toys would also help kids not to feel bored. Bringing snacks is also welcome.

 2. Research the reliability of a whale-watching cruise.

Another thing one needs to take note of and find out is the reliability of the whale watching cruise. Has the cruise been operating for a long time? Do they have, in their team, an expert on whales and stuff?

If the answers to these questions are positive, then it’s all good. One should not, however, easily trust on any whale-watching packages without determining its quality, first. It would help to know that the cruise and its crew are experienced and accomplished in this field.

This is also a precaution so that one knows to trust the crew during emergency situations.

Humpback Tail Abrolhos Humpback Whales

Image source: Pixabay


 3. Check if there is a whale-sighting guarantee.

After determining that the cruise is reliable, one must also check if there is a guarantee that whales will be sighted during the cruise.

5 Basic Things You Should Know About Whale Watching

Image source: Flickr

Whales are free and unpredictable animals. While that may be, it is possible that they won’t be there when you go out for the cruise. It does happen at times, that whales are nowhere to be seen. If this happens, not only will there be quite a disappointments, it will also be a waste of your money and time.

Thus, one must look for a whale-sighting guarantee from the management of the cruise. This will be a sign that one will not be disappointed, as well as a sign that the crew members are experts in their field.

4. Remember that watching is done in the open oceans.

Since whales do live in the ocean, the cruise ships will sail several miles towards an area where whales can be seen closely without harming them. However, there is no guarantee that the sea will be calm.

Thus, one has to keep in mind that the watching will happen in the open ocean for a few hours. If one tends to get sick, please keep in mind to bring medicine for your comfort.

5. Make sure to have complete whale-watching equipment.

Lastly, to make the most of the trip, make sure that you have at least some of the basic equipment, which can be useful when watching whales.

For instance, one must wear clothes for comfort and sneakers with non-slip soles. Aside from that, it would be good if one can put on sunscreens beforehand and have a handy pair of sunglasses for the heat. Having a pair of binoculars would also help, especially when whales tend to stay a bit farther from cruise ships. This will help you in watching them closer.

In essence, one must simply be prepared at all times, both for one’s emotional and physical safety. Being prepared will also reduce any anxiety in cases of emergencies.

Also, it is not common for whales to be around, so why not grab the opportunity to see them? Do some research now. There may be one near you.


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