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5 Quickest and Easiest Ways To Learn Languages Almost Instantly

best way to learn a language on your own

You don’t have to go to school or language center to learn a new language. In fact, there are many easy ways that you can learn new languages on your own. Travelling to destinations where English or their mother language have little use in reading signage and shopping is a bit frustrating to some but if you think positive, this will be the best chance to sharpen your brain, improve your communication skills and develop your personality.

You can bring a dictionary or listen to language lessons but it will consume you too much time to memorize the words and phrases. Impress others on how you can be romantic or look superb in speaking another language. Here’s the tried and tested ways to learn languages quickly.

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 best way to learn a language on your own

Here Are Ways You Can Learn A New Language Yourself

Learning a new language

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#5 Try visiting countries where your favorite foreign series came from

We surely have a favorite foreign movie or TV series. While we are watching with subtitles, we here the most frequently words they use until we realize that we already know how to speak the basics of their language.

Even you just watch a scene where the character rides a taxi or is buying something, you will know what you will say if you go to this country.

#4 Listening songs

I’m sure you have heard the song Que Sera Sera, Livin’ La Vida Loca, Lady Marmalade, J-pop, K-pop, etc. Listening with these and searching the English version of the songs will make your language learning more enjoyable. Listening also to songs of Teresa Teng will motivate you more since she spoke and sang songs in several languages.

#3 Use Memrise and read the menu

Search Memrise on Google and click the Login option. It is good to use Memrise if you want to learn Chinese or Japanese characters. This is the most fun way to do it.

A good lesson to take in Memrise is: Introductory Chinese: read a menu!

Memrise is like taking a short lesson with pictures and then answering multiple choices. If you will type characters, just look for the ways on how to install (the language) IME in your computer. Don’t worry, installing this will take you less than 10 minutes.

For example the symbol 牛 means cow 肉 means meat 炒 means stir-fry飯 means rice

If you combine this into牛肉炒飯, it will mean beef fried rice. 牛肉means beef.

memrise chinese menu

Memrise (Click on image for bigger size)

#2 Change the language of your social media account

Do this and you will learn the modern words. Also, try to use Sharedtalk or Lang-8 for you to apply the skills you have learned in your self-study. Don’t hesitate to end the chat if the conversation becomes obscene and if you feel uncomfortable about it.

#1 Michel Thomas Method

If you visit the Michel Thomas Method official site and listen to sample audios. You will be amazed that you have learned another language in minutes. Here’s a glimpse of a Japanese lesson using this method:

Mainichi means every day and Tokidoki means sometimes. Yomimasu means read. Mimasu means see. Nomimasu means drink.

The sample sentence will be:

Mainichi terebi o mimasu. It means: Every day I watch TV.

You can just substitute the object like: (Title of the movie) o mimasu.

For example: Tokidoki hon o yomimasu. It means: Sometimes I read a book.

If you don’t know the Japanese word for book, just describe a book or point to a book.

If you want to buy something, just point to the menu and say, “__ o kudasai”. Kudasai means please.

Many English speakers and interpreters are available on your destination but it would be best to learn other languages at the same time. Learning another language will make you explore and understand other cultures. Your brain will function better if you learn another language. Who knows, you will become an interpreter soon earning a big salary.

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