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5 Cheap Vacation Ideas That You Will Surely Can Afford

cheap vacation ideas resort

Allotting time for your vacation is the best way to spend time with your family. But you are struggling now with your finances. If you pay the bills, college education and insurance this year, you will be left with little savings. Even if this happens to your family, you still have a privilege to have a vacation. Travel cheap and have a mini vacation.

#1 Travel Locally

Bring your car or get a ground transportation to go to the most beautiful places in your area. For instance, a family living in Manila will go to Tagaytay (a popular tourist destination) for 1.5 to 2 hours riding a bus or driving their own car early in the morning (about 4am).  You can also have a picnic on the nearest park and play sports on the nearest club house.

When you are done packing your things and you think luck comes on your way, book a last minute ship or plane tour. The travel company will surely give you the cheapest price.

cheap vacation ideas resort

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#2 Go to a resort and book an overnight stay

You can go island hopping and swimming. If on tighter budget, go to a resort with slide and sports facilities. It will be better if the resort’s located on the mountains or near nature friendly places. For less hassle, book an overnight stay and enjoy telling stories with the whole family. Just make sure to have a small list or laminated card of hotline numbers and ask the staff where the nearest hospital and police station are.

If you have a relative or friend who owns a rest house but they will not use it, go and take advantage of using the house. Just do not forget to send them a heartwarming gift (e.g. a basket of fruits) and say Thank you.

#3 Check travel websites and group buying websites

Look for the greatest deal. Before buying, read the details carefully and use reverse image to search the pictures’ origin. Compare the address and contact numbers of the place’s main website to the ones indicated on the group buying website. Call the place and don’t hesitate to ask if the deal is valid for holidays and weekends.

#4 Ask your loved ones working in tourism industry

Get inside information from your friends and relatives. Also, ask them if they can purchase on your behalf or if you will get bargain prices if the hotel or resort knows that you are referred by their employee to have a vacation there. Following this advice will benefit both of you because your friend will surely get a bonus or referral payment and at the same time, you got the cheapest deal while enjoying the luxury.

micro vacation spa

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#5 Have a micro vacation and pamper yourself

If you are too busy or have a very tight budget to afford a vacation, pamper yourself by going to the gym and spa. You will forget your problems even for a while. Smell the incense and perfumes. Dip yourself in a bath tub full of flowers and relax. Having a massage will soothe your muscles and will surely make you sleep. If you are not exercising in a gym and you don’t need to practice a specific diet, you can have a buffet after the spa. You can try different dishes or better, have a buffet with different cuisines around the world.

There is no excuse in not having a vacation or cheap travel. A person must relax so he or she can work again. Unwind and refresh for a while. Save and invest so in the future you can upgrade your vacation into a luxurious one or you can travel to different places around the world without going broke.

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