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5 Notable Places to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding in Bahamas

Bahamas Vacation - Explore the Finest Beaches

The Bahamas for your destination wedding? You are definitely excited for your big day to come! The Bahamas is a tropical paradise many beach lover’s dream to visit and to be able to share your vows in such an enthralling place can make your wedding extra special.

Bahamas Destination Wedding

The Beaches of Bahamas
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The Bahamas is a group of 700 island-paradise located in the western Atlantic Ocean. Despite the numerous islands, there are only 30-40 that are inhabited, and in terms of the area size, Bahamas is only slightly smaller than Connecticut. Travelers who want to experience a wonderful tropical vacation would always consider the archipelago for its white and pink sand beaches, warm waters, and amazing island sightings for a memorable wedding or honeymoon.

1.  Harbour Island

Rings - Best Bestination Weddings

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The Bahamas in an ultimate scenic getaway for a destination wedding, but what makes the Harbour Island especially lovely is the powdery pink sands that contrasts the azure sea. The beach is basically a three miles stretch with 50 – 100 feet wide that gives ample of space for a serene ceremony.

To get into the Harbour Island, you have to fly to Eleuthera and take a 10-minute ferry ride to the Island. It is best that you come to the place a week or two days early before your wedding to apply for a Bahamian wedding license.

2. South Andros Island

Want to have an eco-friendly wedding in the tropical wilderness of the Bahamas? Tiamo in South Andros Island is an ultimate environment-friendly getaway for the nature conscious couple.

Tiamo is a perfect place if you want to minimize the stress in your wedding transferring from places to another. Wed at the beach front and let your guests delight with the place’s culinary excellence for your reception. There also are plenty of exciting activities like snorkelling and kayaking.

Not only a great place to tie the knot, it is also a wonderful place for your guests to relax. However, you have to set the expectation that since Tiamo is a 100% eco-resort, there will be no air conditioning, televisions, or mobile phones on its bungalows. Yes, guests will have to stay on its stylish private beach-front bungalows designed to expose them to the cool breeze and beautiful sights of South Andros.

3. Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama is an eco-wonder hailed for its emerald green water, rich marine life, captivating fish villages, and breathtaking beaches that is perfect for a memorable Bahamas destination wedding. The place is popular for being a family-friendly destination with endless attractions and activities.

While the Grand Bahama is truly a magnificent place for a destination wedding, it is an exotic getaway for the budget-conscious travelers. The key is planning your wedding ahead. There are plenty of websites that offer destination wedding packages in Grand Bahama and you can also find property rentals like cottages, houses, and condominiums for your guests.

4. Nassau

Bahamas Destination Wedding - Nassau

Bahamas Destination Wedding – Nassau
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The largest city in the archipelago is Nassau. If you want to wed in a town with a Carribean flair and is rich in regional specialties, set your feet in this Bahamian city and you will be glad to have the place for your destination wedding.

Like the Grand Bahama Island, Nassau is also perfect for a family vacation. It offers the best of both worlds with pristine beaches and high-end resorts for exciting night-life. Furthermore, there are also plenty of cultural attractions to feast your eyes with like the Queen’s Staircase and museums.

5. Exuma

Looking for the perfect spot for your Bahamas destination wedding? You will never go wrong with Exuma. With its 120-mile-long island covered with powdery white sand and crystalline, turquoise waters, you can speak your vows at the beach front with the beautiful scenery at your backdrop.

Like any other location for destination wedding in the Bahamas, couples must present their marriage requirements to successfully wed in the country. Basically, these marriage requirements are, valid passports, valid IDs, birth certificate, and other legal certifications that might be required.

Destination wedding in the Bahamas is a promise of scenic marvel and astonishing adventure. With limitless outdoor adventures to keep you and your guests busy, numerous cultural expeditions, rejuvenating spa treatments, restaurants for the gourmand, and cool shops to buy some mementos, there are so much more to explore in this marvellous archipelago.

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