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5 Points of Budget Airlines Vs Big Airlines, Which Do You Think Is Better?

budget airlines low cost
budget airlines low cost

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Cheap flights offered by budget airlines are the norm in traveling to dream destinations these days. Yes, these are cheap but have you ever thought of its inconveniences? In regards to social climbing, you may not post pictures of airplane you rode. This budget airlines are a gateway to travel practically but if you have a bigger income and you want comfort, better to stick with bigger airlines.

1. If budget airlines can offer sale, bigger airlines can also do it

You will be surprised that you can get discounts on first class travel tickets through your credit card promos (e.g. Buy 1 Get 1 ticket), arranging with travel agencies and holiday sales. It is because big airlines cannot compensate the flight costs if there are only few passengers. Why not grab it if you will get more amenities in your travel?

In budget airlines, these are always cheap and if these will have a sale, you have to take extra effort because people with inside information and those who visited the website early will be the ones who can book the ticket first. There’s a risk that the travelling dates available will be the most undesirable ones.

2. Class

On budget airlines, you can choose whether you can have a seat reservation or you will just have a first come first serve basis. If you will choose the latter, make a screenshot of the seats available and come earlier to the airline checked-in counter in the airport so you can request to the staff that you would like to have a specific seating arrangement. The staff will just tell you if the seats were taken already or not.

first class air travel

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On bigger airlines, there are normally economy and business class. Seats are served automatically which is very convenient even if you will not come earlier. The disadvantage here is discrimination. It does not mean that there’s a discrimination based on intellect and appearance, it means that there’s a feeling that you will be served less in economy class and have to upgrade to business or first class travel just to enjoy the trip.

In budget airlines, all are in one class and there is no price discrimination.

3. Travel duration

You will feel more nervous travelling on a plane with propeller than with an airbus. Fortunately, some budget airlines use airbus but it may be distracting that you can hear the airplane sounds like an airplane grinding noise. Anyway, your travel duration is only short and you can just chill out and read magazines.

On bigger airlines, it will be a waste of money if you will left a cliffhanger in seating, internet surfing, watching TV and sleeping comfortably. You cannot get advantage of all the amenities you have paid for if you are travelling just within 1-3 hours,

It will be best to ride bigger planes if you will have a flight duration of 4 hours or more.

4. Landing place

You will find a hard time getting to the restroom and get back to the seat again because of the budget airplane’s narrow pathway. Usually budget airlines land on simple and small airports while bigger airline carriers will surely land on better airports. You will be lucky if your destination has world-class airports.

economy class airline

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5. Cancellation and Rescheduling

If you have change your plans when you have already booked with a budget airline, you cannot simply cancel and refund the amount. If you will be rescheduling a flight, you will have to incur expensive costs which means you will likely to book a regular flight or just stick with a big airline carrier.

Bigger airlines tend to costs more than budget airlines in terms of reschedules. In short, whatever airline you choose, before booking a ticket, be sure that the dates, times and destination are accurate and final.

Now you have it. It is best to book with big airline carriers if you will travel longer so you will not become insane in doing things while on shorter travels, you can just book a simple flight with budget airlines but be careful with your chosen booking details as it will stress you out on having a cancellation.

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