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5 Simple Ways To Save Travel Money. You’ll Be Happy If You Do These!

save money on vacation or travel
save money on vacation or travel

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People thought this person is wealthy because he or she spends much on travel trips. Little did they know that he or she just got the cheapest ticket or travel package. Having a vacation especially travelling overseas can be an overwhelming experience. Secrets will now be revealed.

1. Tour package or on your own

If travelling in a group, travel agencies offer the best tour packages. Aside from guaranteed profits, they can be sure that their good service will be advertised through word of mouth and reviews. If you are only 5 or less, better plan an itinerary then, search and know the cost of food and transportation so you can estimate if travelling on your own will be cheaper or not.

To avoid being scammed, check the travel agency first through the internet by typing the name of the agency with the word scam (e.g. ABC travels scam). Why do you have to type this? It is because if you type the name of the agency with the word reviews, honest stories and complaints might not appear on the search engines since travel agencies may also be great in doing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for their websites so you will be lazy to find reviews within the last pages.

If you cannot find enough information, ask the government tourism agency of your country if this travel agency is legitimate.

2. Have a vacation during normal days and look for additional promos

On hotel bookings, negotiate with the hotel and try to have an early reservation. During the non-peak season, if the weather’s fine, you can take advantage of this. Travelling in his time means lower prices, less crowd and more pay if you work during holidays and have a vacation leave during normal days.

The best way to get the lowest prices and the greatest deals is through browsing online hotel booking sites and compare this to hotel’s official website prices. Check as well if your credit cards have travel promos.

3. Currency exchange

Ask your credit card company if how much will be the exchange rate and fees if you choose to swipe your credit card or if you withdraw straight from the ATM of your destination.

Browse the money changers and banks’ websites and directories before the date of departure and then try to call or send emails to them when you arrived at the airport so you can compare and assess the best exchange rates between these money changers and the airport.

You may also check about Traveler’s check and prepaid foreign currency card so you will know if these will be best for your travel. Just a reminder that using these as travel money have limitations such as replacement fee, refund policy, etc.

4. Finding ground transportation

After travelling by plane or ship, you will be surely going to need a ground transportation.  Assuming that you already have an information on how to get from airport to the town, you can just walk or ride outside the airport because there is a bigger probability that taxi rates are higher in the airport.

For car or shuttle rentals, try to book through online sites of rental companies. Luckily, if you have a frequent flyer miles, use it and get deals.

5. Check out the markets

For a better shopping experience, ask the locals about the dates and times to shop or to get into night markets. By doing this, you will get the highest value within your budget.

Gone are the times that only the rich and the intellectuals can travel. Now, even ordinary people have privilege to explore, learn and enjoy other parts of the world.


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