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5 Smart Budget Travel Tips for Cheap but Memorable Holidays

Budget Travel Tips - Bali, Indonesia

Every day there is news of our fluctuating economy, sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s bad. However, no economic downturns can prevent people from dreaming of a good holiday travel. Who doesn’t want to unwind, break their monotonous routines, and spend time for a meaningful relaxation with family or friends?

If you are one of those individuals who wishes a good travel but wondering if you can afford it, the answer is, you can. You don’t need to be a hotel heiress like Paris Hilton to go to places! In your own simple means, unearthing your resourcefulness, you can spend a memorable holiday that will boost your optimism in living life.

Budget Travel Tips - Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

To help you enjoy your vacation but keeping your budget intact. We would like to share our 5 smart budget travel tips for cheap but worth-remembering holidays.

1. Travel in Your Own Country

While going abroad to travel sounds extremely exciting, it may cost a lot of expense especially if you wanted to experience the best of the place. To save money, but will not sacrifice a good holiday, why don’t you consider local landmarks or popular destinations near your area that you haven’t visited yet.

Some tourists might are dying to visit your countries most scenic attractions, so why not visit them as well? Take this as a chance to spend less and save for your dream holiday abroad. Also, visiting the most of your local attractions allow you to learn more of your heritage. When you meet foreigners asking about your country, you can be proud to recommend places they can travel too.

2. Eat with the Locals

Budget Travel - Eat with the Locals

Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

In as much as you want to have dinner in a posh restaurant when you travel, this is one of the primary culprits to rob your pocket money. There are a few good tactics to enjoy the local food without spending a lot. First, avoid restaurants that cater specially for the tourists and go for food spots where the locals eat. You get value for your money, and get to eat the kind of food which are the real-deal for the people in the place.

Nonetheless, you can also explore restaurants in the area if you crave for some stylish food. The trick is preferring to eat in them in lunch rather than dinner. Lunch is relative cheaper than dinner, and it can save you from spending on expensive wines.

3. Consider Off-Season Travel

We are aware that during peak season like summer and Christmas, accommodation and fare prices soar high. If you have the option to choose your month of vacation, pick the month that is off travel season in the place you would like to visit. This will not only save you money with plenty of good budget travel deals, this will also allow you to enjoy more of your destination’s beauty without the noisy crowd.

4. Go for Apartments than Hotels

If you are traveling with the family, choosing an apartment rental rather than a hotel can be more budget-friendly.  Check for accommodations online, or ask your travel agent to book you early in a good rental space as possible.

Early bookings often offer discounts that can save you a few bucks. Also, this will allow you to live in the area the way locals do. After all, travel is a way to experience your destination’s culture.

5. Know your Transportation Options

Travel Tips - Know your Transportation Options

Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

From buses to trains, there are many transportation options that can give you the best value of your money when you travel. If you are in a group travel and you think that renting a car can save your more money for fare, then go for it. If you travel alone and you want a bit of adventure, try taking the public transportation. Public transports are amazing way to get immersed with the locals, and this can be fun and memorable experience.

To save from an expensive air-fare, regional airports in smaller cities provide a lesser cost than international airports. However, make sure that this is accessible to your destination to enjoy more of its budget-saving perks.

Do not miss the opportunity to travel while you can. The world is a big place to discover and learn, and do not let excuses prevent you from living your life to the fullest. Be practical, creative and resourceful, for it is possible for you can travel more while spending less.

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