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5 Terrific Careers for Travel Enthusiasts. Find Out What Suits You

Jobs - Travel Nurse

Does your regular 9-5 job not encourage you anymore? Do you want your workplace to have more “spice” and excitement? Do you want to go places and see the best of the world while you earn for a living? If you answer for every question here is yes, the wanderlust in you is awaiting to be freed. Whether you embark a new career that will allow you to travel, or you will take no chance and live the way you have always had, your decision will define your future.

Find Your Perfect Place 'Neath the Sun - Travel

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If you think that enjoying a travel and working at the same time is not possible, you have to think twice. There are plenty of opportunities that requires frequent travel. If you decide for it the younger you are, the better. You don’t have to wait the golden years of your life to see and enjoy the world.

1. Travel Nurse

Jobs - Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse. Image Source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

Take your nursing career into the next level by marrying it with adventure! Travel nursing offer freedom, fun, flexibility, and heaps of excitement in one career-developing package. If you got a nursing or any medical degree, you don’t have to be tied in a hospital if your goal is to travel. Being a travel nurse is a good option as you go places to places while still caring for people. Travel nurses also receive desirable benefits such as accommodation and travel allowance by the company they work with. They also get competitive salary normally higher than local nurses earn.

2. Sports Scout

If you are passionate about a specific sport and have a keen eye for players who can be the “next big thing” in the game, you can go and try to begin a career as a sport or athletic scout. Athletic scouts are responsible for recruiting sports talents from colleges, universities, and professional and amateur sports teams, and this comes with the perk you truly wanted to acquire—travel. Another good thing about being a sports scout is that you don’t need to have a particular degree in sports to be one. Educational requirements vary among employers. However, it is a must that you are a skilled sportsman in the sport you are hiring talents with. Sport scouts are basically experts in the game, and their skills were acquired from their long experience.

3. Roadie

Many music and entertainment fans would love to have this job. Though “working for that minimum wage” is a part of it as described in a 1977 classic by Jackson Brown, still this is a job that provides plenty of perks, not to mention the consistent requirement for travel. Artists and bands cannot function effectively without a roadie assisting them. Travel is a normal part of the job, though it can be tough at times especially if the artist or band is popular and a hectic touring schedule is a norm. If you want a travel job that will allow you to be part of the show business, being a roadie can be right for you. Start looking for an opportunity today for you will never know what lies ahead.

4. Tour Guide

Jobs - Tour Guide

Tour Guide. Image Source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

This is pretty generic, but being a tour guide is still one of the best careers out there for the travel lover. Imagine spending your time with the people who share the same passion for travel as you! Travel destinations all over the world are always in need of knowledgeable, friendly, and charismatic tour guides who can lead tourist to explore sights and learn the place’s culture. Now, if you think that you will be an effective tour guide, start studying the history of your destination of choice, collate interesting stories, and learn some fun facts, and brush up your knowledge of the local language!

5. International Aid Worker

If you want to live life meaningfully, travel, and make a difference in people’s lives, spread goodwill and work as an international aid worker. People who work for organizations like USAID, Red Cross, Peace Corps, and a lot more are lifting the spirit of volunteerism and humanitarian efforts. No matter who you are, what your educational background is, there is a place for you to help others if you have the desire for it. Travel gives a wonderful experience. No matter who you are or where you came from, it is a precious privilege that everyone must enjoy. If you go places, do not be a mere tourist, be a traveler who learns from every moment and more importantly, live your life to the fullest!

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