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5 Tips To Have A Luxurious Vacation Without Breaking Your Wallet

luxury vacation
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When you look at commercials and billboards about luxurious cruises and business flight, you are imagining yourself being very rich and being able to be treated like a royalty. In order to do this, you have to be a politician, celebrity, wife divorced from a rich husband, getting an old, early to die but rich person to marry you and leaving his or her estate to you. Okay, sarcasm ends here.

Well, majority are not willing to squander their earnings and spend big on this type of luxuries. But, if you know how to hunt for travel discounts and low cost holidays leading to a luxurious vacation, you will not need to squander your savings anymore to afford this. If you can afford a normal price of a simple room, you can get the discounted luxury accommodation with the same price. Your dream of being rich and famous even for only a few days is now coming true. You will have a glass of champagne in your first class travel or suite using these tips:

#1 Check your credit card promos and loyalty programs

Your credit card might have travel or booking promos. You might check your rewards points as well. They will grant you these offers so they can keep you as a loyal customer. For instance, if you use your credit card on booking a flight or spending a specific amount, you may receive a huge discount on hotels. Then, you can now go for the most beautiful suites. If you are a long-time customer, you may use your credit card points to get rewards.

Some credit card email subscriptions will send you exclusive links to book your rooms at a discounted price.

#2 Loyalty and glitches

If you are planning to buy something or have a subscription and you happen to know a top company that gives rewards to its loyal customers, join this company and be loyal to them. You might also get rewards. If you frequently book to a certain hotel’s common room, look for perks so you can get the luxurious accommodations.

Since the hotel you are loyal with are not always perfect, you can politely send them a simple complaint. Now, take advantage of its problem by asking or letting them to offer your free accommodation, refunds, etc. But beware, you have to be sure that it is a real problem and you just do it once and not often.

luxury vacation

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

#3 Friends in the tourism industry

Ask them if there are hotels that are newly-opened or are offering low-priced premiere suites. Talk with them and ask if travel companies will offer first class train, plane or cruise ship travels. You can also ask if your friend will be the one to buy the tickets (of course, still using your own money), will he or she gets a discount or benefits like free business class or free accommodation on a luxurious resort and can pass these to you? If yes, don’t forget to say thank you and send him or her a simple but special gift.

#4 Try to ask for an upgrade

It would not hurt to ask the hotel desk, travel agency or airline if you can upgrade to a higher class accommodation or travel. Use your good personal relations skills for this. If they don’t want to give you an upgrade, ask for guidelines you have to do to get this. Who knows, you are planning to purchase something and then, you can purchase a specific thing or from a specific company to get these upgrades.

#5 Working days

Try to file a holiday during working days. Weekdays are the best time to get the cheapest travel deals and accommodations. The prices are usually down from 20% and above. If your employer offers paid vacation leaves and involves working in holidays that will get you a bigger salary, go file a holiday during weekdays and work on holidays so you will get more money and at the same time you got a luxurious vacation without working so hard.

If on rainy days and you are planning to just have a vacation on a 5-star hotel, try to take this opportunity to haggle and book a suite since there will be only a few customers who will be willing to book during this weather.

You don’t have to work so hard or lose a lot of money to experience extravagant lifestyle. A temporary experience will be enough to relax and feel like a socialite.

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