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5 Tips to Make Your Destination Wedding Memorable for Your Guests

Destination Weddings

For soon-to-be brides and grooms, planning your wedding plays a vital role in ensuring that it will be a memorable experience for you and your guests. From the location to the every element you want included, you have to work it out ahead to avoid last minute cram. The challenge double for couples who decides on a destination wedding, but when planned accordingly, it could be a wondrous experience that every participant will remember for a lifetime.

Destination Weddings

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Planning a destination wedding is definitely exciting. To go to your dream place and speak your vows in a scenic backdrop is such a dream come true and you definitely want it perfect as possible. However, you have to realize that having a destination wedding is not all about you. You also have to consider your guests greatly for they will give you a great deal of time, money, and effort to witness your big day. Spread the love, excitement, and fun for everyone! We share 5 essential tips to make your destination wedding especially convenient and memorable for your beloved guests.

1. Decide Early on the Location

Since it is a destination wedding, the selection of the location is very important. You have to be very realistic as much as possible and see what your budget can afford. If you plan to wed abroad, expect that you might shed off a lot of money considering a bigger transportation expenses. Also, you have to highly consider your guests. There will be no point inviting your friends and family if they could not come due to time and budget restrictions.

Do plenty of research, some great places abroad provides good value for money, and you can save a lot if you book in advance. If you do not have the time to travel and check your wedding destination yourself, talk to a travel agent or a local wedding coordinator in the area. Local wedding planners have pretty good knowledge on where to find the best deals, and it could be a great advantage on your part.

2. Send Out Your ‘Save the Dates’ ASAP

The moment you decide on your wedding destination, send out your Save-the-dates as soon as possible. This will give your guests a chance to incorporate their holiday leave and an ample of time to save up for their own travel budget if they plan to come. Make sure that you ask your guests a confirmation. It is very important since knowing the number of your guests will be vital for your budgeting and other preparations.

3. Offer Activities for Your Guests

Destination Wedding - Offer Activities for Your Guests

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Your guests will share their precious time and effort to go to your wedding destination so it is important that you make them feel comfortable and appreciated. Throw some group activities that will make them enjoy the destination of your choice. Whether it is a bus tour, snorkeling, hiking, or any sight-seeing adventure, setting these activities is a great way to make their travel worthwhile.

However, looking after your guests does not necessarily mean being a tour guide or a travel agent for them. Look for local concierge in the area. This will allow your guest to experience fun and learning while roaming your wedding destinations popular places.

4. Take Note of the Weather

When picking the date in your wedding destination, you have to be very particular of the weather or the season. No matter how beautiful your arrangement is, a bad weather can easily ruin the preparations you have exerted a lot of efforts with.  Always have a contingency plan. Understanding the weather in your destination prior to the wedding will let you inform your guests on the wardrobe to bring. You want them comfortable as possible, and even the smallest things could matter a lot.

Note: To save money in a wedding destination, pick the off-peak season to travel. Traveling off-peak is synonymous to better deals for you and your guests, not to mention a lesser crowded place.

5. Let Your Guest’s Presence be Their Gift

Destination Wedding Tips

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Of course, wedding gifts are ultimately delightful as you can use them to start your newly married life. However, a destination wedding already requires your guests to shed some money to attend. Consider telling them that their presence alone as their gift is enough.


Wedding is a lovely celebration. But not only because of the fanfares prepared for the guests, not only because of the beautiful dresses, the beautiful place, nor the beautiful arrangements that can be seen. What makes a wedding especially lovely is the romance in the air. Witnessing two people who decided to share a lifetime together is such a heart-warming moment, a moment worth-remembering.

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