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5 Tips To Prepare Your Dog For Plane Travel

pet friendly airlines

You will be travelling for a long time and you don’t want to leave your pet at home or on pet centers. Your dog may become anxious and depressed if he will not see you. You will also miss him since you don’t have a best friend and a stress reliever. If you are willing to spend extra time and money just to be with your pet then, this guide might help you to make travelling with your pet become successful.

pet friendly airlines

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#1 Destination and Weather

Where will you go? If you will go on a business meeting, better to train your dog to be used in a facility and leave him. If you will have a vacation on pet-friendly resorts, hotels and malls, you can proceed to read the next tip. But remember, you have to know the weather of your destination. For instance, your pet is a Siberian husky, he or she will just become sick if he or she will travel to Japan in August because this month is the country’s hottest season.

#2 Airline pet guidelines

Know the size and breed of your dog so you will know if the airline will allow him to be with you inside the plane or to be in a cargo hold. If you are disabled and you need your dog as your assistant, some airlines will allow your dog to travel with you free of charge but still, don’t surprisingly show up your pet at the airline checked-in. If your dog must be checked-in, go to the airline checked-in 4-5 hours before the time of your flight departure. It is best to visit the airline site and read pet guidelines.  You must also take note of their dog crate requirements.

Book your pet the same time you book yourself. If there is no online facility to book your pet, call or visit the airline office to have your pet book and at the same time, your inquiries will be entertained by the staff.

#3 Have a pet medical certificate

Visit the veterinarian a week before your flight. Airlines must know that your pet is healthy and fit to board a plane. Bring dog medications with you. If your dog’s allowed to be with you in a plane, you have to carry-on your dog’s first aid kit. You may also consider using a sedative or tranquilizer but consult with your veterinarian if this will be okay for your dog. Since sedatives and tranquilizers may have bad effects on your pet, it is best to train him before your flight.

#4 It’s dog training time

travel with your dog

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Prepare your dog for a plane trip. Your dog might be scared of sounds and unfamiliar surroundings. You must begin the training a month or a few weeks before your air travel.  You can walk him in front of an airport. If it is far, just take him to white and bright places where there are much noise.

Put your pet in a crate or a carrier, place him on a cart and then, push and roll the cart around so your dog will be used being moved around. Feed your dog more food than usual the night before the flight and don’t feed him on the next morning because he might become uncomfortable which could result into dog vomit inside the plane.

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#5 If your dog is on the checked-in, leave toys and scent from you

It depends on the airline if they will allow you to put a toy or a soft stuffed toy ball inside the crate. Any toy will be fine as long as the toy will not produce noise (squeaky noise) and if you have played this toy before with your pet. Doing this will make your dog become less anxious and less stressed.

There, you do not have to leave your dog in a long time. Your vacation will be complete with him on your side. Have your journey together and make friends with fellow dog lovers.

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