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5 Travel Reminders to Ensure an Unforgettable Trip in Pattaya

Shrine Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful place that many tourist would love to visit. Its warm climate, rich natural wonders, lovely beaches, and grandiose mountains, it is the place where you can experience amazing nightlife and learn its rich cultural heritage.

Explore Pattaya, Thailand

Explore Pattaya, Thailand
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There are so many places to marvel in the “Land of Smiles,” but for the moment, let’s go to the eastern region and visit the relaxing escape of Pattaya. Pattaya is a city in Thailand popular for its scenic beaches, resorts, and nightlife. It receives millions of visitors every year, and offers a vast list of activities for the adventure seeker.

1. Know the Things to Do

Shrine Pattaya, Thailand

Pattaya, Thailand
Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

One of the best advantage of traveling in Thailand is because the country gives great value to your money. A dollar goes a long way in the country, and Pattaya is not an exception. To make the most of your Thai experience, know what this amazing place has to offer. From family activities to photography kicks, you will never fall short of things to do in Thailand. Here are a few activities you can participate with.

  • Enjoy the beautiful and serene beaches of the Coral Island in an island trip.
  • Hire a motor bike and get into the dirt. One exciting way to discover the real charm of Pattaya.
  • Bring the kids in Khao Kheow Open Zoo. Feed the elephants, deer, and goats, and try some activities for both young and older children.
  • Try the 2Sky Pattaya-Rocket Ball for an adrenaline-pumping experience.
  • Relax and marvel with the beauty of Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. The place is best for sight-seeing with cultural and elephant shows. It is also a place to taste some luxurious Thai food.
  • Be impressed with the architectural wonder of Pattaya’s Sanctuary of Truth. It is a beautiful Temple hand-carved by wood craftsmen.
  • Experience Thailand’s rich underwater grandeur in a scuba diving adventure.

2. Be Particular of the Thai Culture

Being a traveller, you want to learn about your destination. Thailand is a country of rich heritage, and they are welcoming people from all over the globe to see it. However, while they are offering us their hospitality, we also should be respectful of their traditions. It does not necessarily mean that we need to master the Thai language and religion. What we are trying to say is we need to be aware of their basic customs so we could earn their respect as well.

  • Respect Buddha images.
  • Dress properly when visiting a Buddhist temple.
  • Treat monks with respect.
  • Learn the basic Thai greeting.
  • Be calm and keep out of trouble.
  • Smile. A lot.

3. Mind the Warnings and Danger

Visit Pattaya, Thailand

Nightlife at Pattaya, Thailand
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In any travel, risks can be involved. Since Pattaya is filled with crowded bars overflowing with drinks, not to mention the people that shares different culture, getting into trouble is not an impossibility.

  • Being mindful of your environment is detrimental to ensure your safety.
  • Beware of cunning people who preys as tourists in the area.
  • Take care of your belongings.
  • Never ever buy illegal drugs.
  • Respect the authority.
  • Beware of scams.
  • Do not rent motorbikes or Jet Ski near the beach.
  • Do not roam Pattaya when drunk.

4. Find the Best Accommodation

As what we mentioned earlier, Pattaya provide tourists the best value for their money. You can find a wide range of accommodation types in the area that offers excellent services. Whether you choose an apartment rental or you will stay in a luxurious hotel do not miss to experience a traditional Thai massage.

To find the best accommodation for your Pattaya vacation, do your research before the trip. There are numerous websites you can find online, and you can directly contact them for inquiry. Plan ahead.

5. Enjoy the Trip

There is so much to love in Pattaya. Have fun with activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, sight-seeing or even the ordinary stroll in the beach. The people in Pattaya are also very friendly and are willing to help travelers. Also, taste the Thai food. It is one of the world’s famous!

To travel places in the world is a delightful experience. Thailand is a wonderful country to discover, it is an awesome destination that promises heaps of fun, do not let your vacation be ruined with unpreparedness and false expectations. Enjoy!

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