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5 Travel Tips When You Visit the Philippines

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Many travellers who visit South-East Asia prefer countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. When they are asked if they are planning to include the Philippines in their itinerary, often, you get that doubtful answer that usually ends up to a “no.”

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One of the top reasons why some travellers skip the Philippines is due to popular belief that the country is very dangerous for tourists. Besides, why bother to go to the country when you can find the best Asian cuisines in Vietnam, not to mention the many pristine beaches of Thailand?

However, it is not a losing game for the country tagged as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas.” There still are travellers whose sense of adventure and curiosity is too great, making them choose the Philippines than its more popular neighbouring countries. Surprisingly, they have more good things to say with the country than the bad, and one good example is world traveller and blogger Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket.

Visiting the Philippines can bring you an unforgettable experience. Many travellers fell in love with this lovely tropical country and its friendly and accommodating people. Do not miss the fun! After all, “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!” Read on for a few useful travel tips to make your stay in the country more memorable.

1. Know What the Philippines Has to Offer

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To make the most of your visit in the country, planning your itinerary really well would be of great help. If you already have places in mind, then you might skip the task. If you don’t have any yet, then hunting for possible tourist destinations will save you from getting confused when you get there.

There are many spectacular places and activities that Philippines has to offer. Unknown to many, the country has a vast list of great beaches. Boracay, Palawan, and Puerto Galera, are just some of them and in these places you can find crystal clear waters, and nature’s wonders that are definite marvels.

2. Prepare to Shop

Philippines is one of the best place in the world to get good value of your money. Manila is home to the world’s biggest malls and there you can find cool stuffs without paying a fortune. If you please, you can go for a light travel to the country and just buy clothes in there. Since Philippines is a tropical country, the weather often changes so wearing clothes perfect for its humidity could be a wise decision.

Furthermore, there are plenty of night market in the country’s most popular tourist destinations. It is where you can find souvenirs and stuffs in bargain prices. If you visit populous places like these, on the other hand, make sure to take care of your belongings and do not bring money more than what you are willing to spend.

3. Be Prepared of the Weather

As what we have mentioned above, Philippines is a tropical country. Though there are no extremities in the weather that could be a discomfort, it would be better if you come to the country prepared of what to bring. Summer starts March and ends in May in the country. If you plant to visit during this time, bring light clothes since it is a hot and dry season. June to October is a rainy season, and while it is not the best time to travel in the country, this is the time to get the cheapest accommodations.

The best time to go to the Philippines starts November to February. These months are cool, but dry, so it lessens the chance of getting marred by possible typhoons.

4. Do Not Be Afraid to Talk to Strangers

Its people is one of Philippines’ best asset. Filipinos are happy people and they are known for being hospitable. You can easily become friends with them, and while they it can’t be helped for them to get curious about tourists, they still treat them with respect and politeness.

So if you visit the Philippines and you have concerns regarding your travel, do not hesitate to ask Filipinos, you will never know how welcoming they are until you talk to them.

5. Taste the Food and Have Fun!

Philippine Food

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More to the preparations for your Philippine travel, make sure to have fun when you get there. Do not miss tasting Filipino delicacies, participate in events like “Fiesta in the barrio,” and learn a few of the Filipino language.

The Filipino food, though it lacks the identity of the likes of Vietnamese and Thai is uniquely amazing especially the tropical fruits like Mangoes (take note, Mangoes from the Philippines are the world’s best!), Pineapples, Bananas, and Durian.

Visit the Philippines and get to know its rich culture, delight your eyes in its nature’s wonders, and see the beaches where you can find the black, white, brown, and pink sand! Have you visited the Philippines? We would be glad to hear your experience!

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