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5 Types of Vacation that Will Make You Enjoy an Incredibly Romantic Getaway

Beach Vacation

To travel alone gives you a chance to journey self-discovery. It teaches you independence, allows you see the world in a different light, it empowers you, and it hones your character by understanding how the world goes round for different people across the planet. But what happens when you travel with your special someone? Definitely, something special could also happen.

Beach Vacation

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Every couple should go for a romantic getaway before getting married. Well, while others think that a vacation is the best form of relaxation, it is 50/50 when you are traveling with your partner. Why? Because it could expose you to unexpected surprises. As you travel, you learn not only about the place, you also learn about one another, and as challenges hit you in a foreign country, you will know if your love for each other would be enough to keep your relationship to last a lifetime.

If you are planning to have a worthwhile trip with your partner, we listed some vacation ideas for a romantic getaway. While these ideas are ultimately useful, still, it is how you handle your trip that will make it a memorable one:

1. Beach Vacation

The beach offers a load of excitement, adventure, and fun that is perfect for everyone. You can never go wrong with the beach if you want a relaxing moment with your loved one. The powdery soft-sand, the sound of the waves, the gentle breeze, and the picturesque sunset combined is more than enough to take away your stress and feel the romance in the air.

Make the most of your beach vacation. Take your time collecting shells together, flying kites, and even just sitting on the sand and watching the sunset while the water kisses your toes.

2. Cruising

Cruise Travel

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Have you watched the movie Titanic wherein the characters found love in such a beautiful ship? Of course, you already have found love, and don’t want to spell tragedy in your already amazing relationship! What we are trying to say is, to travel in a cruise ship is one of the best ways to enjoy a romantic vacation.

To travel by cruise means you will have to spend a longer time together out of the sight of the land. The stops are amazing, and you will have plenty of time to enjoy sightings of the ocean. However, taking this option may require plenty of preparation, not only with the activities you will have to participate with, but also with the budget. It is no secret that traveling by cruise is expensive, and you wouldn’t want to steal the joy because of monetary worries.

3. Train Travel

When you think that traveling by train is dead, think again. Train travel is again growing in popularity and more and more travelers are taking this option for a romantic road trip. The beauty of a train vacation is it allows you to marvel with many scenic beauty as you stay on your seat or on the train’s observation lounge.

There are many countries around the world offering train tours. The US alone offers over 100 vacations, and you can also go for a European or an Asian trail tour. If your partner wants a laid back trip that will allow you to have lesser disturbances, then, a train trip can be ideal.

4. Sports Vacation

You are a couple who agree nicely to every adventurous activities like sky-diving, bungee-jumping, scuba-diving, skiing, and more. Traveling a country that offer these activities will surely give you a great time and can tighten the bond in your relationship.

Consider a trip in South Africa, the country will not be tagged the adventure capital in the world for nothing. In the country awaits awesome activities adventurers would love to experience, not to mention the sightings of Africa’s rich flora and fauna.

5. Small Town Vacation

Small Town Vacation in Italy

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Living like a local in a small town is another way to spend quality time with your partner. There are plenty of lovely towns to explore in Italy or in France and they exude medieval beauty that gives you a feeling of going back in time. Small towns offer a peaceful getaway with no crowds and only beautiful views of vineyards or mountains and gardens

The perfect romantic holiday trip is not all about the destination. This vacation is all about you as a couple. Find a place you can both enjoy together, and enjoy an amazing travel.

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