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5 Unique Ways to See the Grand Canyon

camping grand canyon Mule-Ride-Grand-Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most amazingly beautiful and visitor’s destination. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is famous for its red band layered rock, geology, South Rim, North Rim, Canyon village and The National Park. The complete majesty and attractiveness of the scenery found here is beyond belief. Every year number of visitors across the world came here to see this wonder of nature.

Grand Canyon Hotels are better hotels for accommodation while visiting The Grand Canyon. These provide you all the amenities to make your stay comfortable and you don’t need to get worried about any things else. A trip to the Grand Canyon will offer you everything which you are looking for in a vacation.

Why Grand Canyon is bag packer’s favorite destination?

The Grand Canyon is the best suitable place for adventures like hiking, riding, river rafting, camping and mule riding also. There is lots of natural splendor, phenomena’s to explore and enjoy.

In this article there are given below 5 different things that can be done when in this beautiful place.

#1. Hiking: Grand Canyon has large greenery, rock way and if you are physically fit, then there is nothing as good a way as hiking to see each and every corner of the Grand canyon nearer to your eyes. While hiking you can enjoy and relaxed where ever you feel comfortable and take plenty of pictures with you. You can also hire a hiking guide for your trip if you don’t feel comfortable with your own. Hiking is also good for health and you will get some physical work out also with your trip.

Hiking in grand canyon

#2. Biking: As we know that Grand Canyon has a wide area to see and explore and if you are not comfortable with hiking all the long way then you can go for biking the Grand Canyon. You can also have explorations while riding the bike at Grand Canyon.Riding a bike at Grand Canyon is broadly viewed as an exciting, cool and adventurous way for people of all ages. While making your trip plan make advanced bookings for the bike ride to avoid on the spot booking problems. You can easily get a guided bike tour from South rim.

 visiting the grand canyon

#3. Mule Riding: Mule riding is one of the traditional ways to visit the Grand Canyon. Mule riding has its own fun. Many companies are offering mule riding tours ranging from a couple of hours and to till night stay. The expert guides will tell you the geology and historic facts about the Grand Canyon. Mule riding is very famous among visitors and there is also advanced booking for it.

 camping grand canyon Mule-Ride-Grand-Canyon

#4. Rafting: You can also see the Grand Canyon by rafting on the Colorado River. This is the most intimate way to explore the beauty of the Grand Canyon. If you have a multiday plan, then you can take full advantage of rafting to take all around trip to the Grand Canyon. Otherwise there is one day rafting tour plan also if you have not much time. While long rafting trip plan you can enjoy the unique sights variety of natural wonders, wildlife and you can see the Grand Canyon from beginning to end. It is quite expensive also as compared to Bike riding and mule riding.


#5. Fly The Grand Canyon: You can also enjoy the views of the Grand Canyon while flying also. If you love flying then can go for this option and quickly you can make your visit. While flying you can get the overhead and bird eye view from the top of the Grand Canyon. You can rent a plane or helicopter for your trip and this is more expensive as compared to other modes of the visiting Grand Canyon.

helicopter grand canyon

So these are five unique ways to see The Grand Canyon and you can also select your suitable time for travelling as there is much crowd and rush in normal days as compared to winters. To make the trip comfortable one you should opt Grand Canyon hotels.

In winters there is completely different view of the Grand Canyon with snow falling and not rush of visitors. The Sun set time and evening time is must stay time on there to see the sheer beauty of nature.

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