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6 Practical Rental Booking Tips for First Time Travelers

Vacation Rental

You’ve found the vacation rental you would love to spend relaxing retreat with, and now you are ready to book it. Your excitement levels are greatly elevating only for the bubble to be popped right before your eyes, the rental property you are interested with is not available on your travel date and there is no sense to pursue it anymore.

First time travelers often fall to this sugar-coated trap. Most of the time, travelers browse the internet to find for the best deals on vacation rentals; however, homeowners tend to forget to update their site of its availability thus setting a false expectation among site visitors. Don’t be discouraged if you happen to find a vacation rental you love and cannot book it. The internet is a wide place, and if your first try failed, there still is second and more.

1. Analyze the Property

Vacation Rental

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

Analyze the information the owner has placed on the listing. May it be a website, an online listing about rental accommodation, or a local directory, owners would normally provide photos of their vacation rentals to entice guests to visit. The pictures will give you a good view of the property’s features and amenities, and will settle your expectation regarding the property.

2. Compare the Prices

Vacation Home - Prices

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The beauty of the internet is it will allow you to look for great vacation rentals and compare the best deals. This gives you the chance to take your best pick.

3. Check if the Home is Family-Friendly

Vacation Home - Family-Friendly

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If you are traveling with the family, make sure that the property rental is kid-friendly. Planning to bring your furry ones? Make sure the owners allow it. Again, you have to be keen checking the pictures of the rental home. Do you think a white couch is great to have when you have to 3 year-old toddler who finds it fun to draw everything in sight?

Vacation is for relaxation. Knowing what you need and want at the start of the planning will greatly make a difference in your convenience.

4 .Sign the Paperwork before Making Payment

Vacation Rental - Sign the Paperwork

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Remember that you are not checking into a hotel. Renting a vacation home is like renting an apartment so there will be a contract involved. But before getting too excited and send your money, make sure that the paperwork is ready for you to sign.

It will be beneficial to verify if the person you are dealing business with is trustworthy enough. Many vacation homes are run by real-estate agents so your paperwork should also include the legalities you need. Is there a cancellation policy? Does the owner provide a refund if you decide to leave the property early? How about the rules and regulations on the house? You have to know exactly what’s included in the contract to avoid hidden fees.

5. Call the Owner Directly

Vacation Rental - Call the Owner Directly

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After Googling information regarding your accommodation and you find one that suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact the owner by sending a message or via call if possible. Talking to the owner always have its perks. Aside from being able to directly inquire on your rental concerns, there is also a chance for you to negotiate for a discount.

As you discuss things with the owner, take note of the instructions you’re given. Keep them in mind in your travel to avoid unpleasant surprises on your arrival.

6. Make an Early Reservation

Rental Property - Make an Early Reservation

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Popular travel destinations like California, Florida, Hawaii, especially places near the theme parks fill up immediately especially during holidays like Christmas, New Year, and so on. For peak months (from November to January), it is practical to book your vacation home as early as 6 months.

Vacation comes with challenges. Even the process of finding the best rental home can sometimes be difficult, but the reward is definitely worth the effort. Take your time to plan and find for one.

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