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6 Reasons To Rent A Vacation House. You Might Like Number 5

Rent a vacation house
Rent a vacation house

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Amazing pictures of tourist attractions that were shared by someone will surely persuade others to go to these places but have you ever thought that they probably stayed in a tiny and dull hotel room. Yes, it is practical to have an accommodation on that place since they are just there to visit and experience the well-known attractions but if the stay will take more than 3 days and you are a family or a group, try renting a vacation home.

Vacation home or houses can give you wide space, privacy and a prime location where you will see a good view of nature. These can offer basic or the same amenities like in hotels. Families and groups are now considering renting houses and have meetings instead of renting a conference hall and hotel rooms. Here are the reasons why consider renting a vacation house:

1. Price

Look for the cheapest and most convenient location. For groups, it is better to rent a house so you can divide the expenses among yourselves instead of renting hotel rooms. Have fun and see one another.

Prices of the homes themselves are usually lower than renting a hotel for a week. Staying for months can save you more money and travelers can escape the harsh weather such as rain and winter storm.

2. Good location

You can choose to stay with places near to your destination, towns or nature. You don’t have to climb stairs or reach several floors to stay and come out of your rooms.  You can enjoy staying near to oceans since some city ordinances don’t allow multi-story buildings in certain locations.

You will feel at home since the ambiance is inviting unlike in hotels that there are so many fees to remember.

3. Wide space

You are paying for a great space. You can stay in a 2-bedroom or 2-bathroom houses instead of sharing a single bathroom where everyone has to wait for their turn which leads to a longer waiting time. It will be more expensive to rent another hotel room. You can cook in the kitchen, play in the living room and eat in a dining room. Hotels do not give you the freedom to cook and since hotel rooms are small, you need to go out of your room just to eat dinner.

Staying in a vacation home will give you space to play games, have dinner and unwind without compromising your privacy and budget.


4. Privacy

Caretakers and staff will surely accommodate you since they don’t have to give their attention to somebody else, not the people on the next room. No one will bother to knock on your door every hour just to give room service you do not need yet. You can just come and go anytime you want and follow your vacation plan.

5. Amenities and a party

A vacation house is fully-equipped.  You can still do an exercise workout inside. You can open cabinets and look for teapots, plates and utensils. If you want to throw a party, just cook and bake the most delicious dishes, open the lights and doors and decorate the surroundings. A house with a pool is definitely a plus.

No need to eat at nearby restaurants, you can just utilize the refrigerator since you can stock the raw ingredients and have these cooked on the next day just like having toasted bread, eggs and bacon on breakfast.

rent a house with jacuzzi

Image source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

6. Luxury

If you are willing to spend more, you can use big LED or 3D TVs, luxurious furniture, private Jacuzzis and other amenities you cannot enjoy in a hotel.

For sports enthusiast, aside from biking outside, some vacation houses have a tennis court, swimming pool, golf course or a private beach. You will feel more like a boss. Unlike in hotels, you don’t have to wait for your turn to use the sports facilities and you don’t have to take note of closing times.

Once you experience staying in a vacation or rest house, you can feel and see the difference. It is up to you how you spend your vacation. You will miss staying there.

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