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6 Steps In Choosing A Reliable Travel Specialist Or Travel Agency

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Imagine allotting a few weeks or months in finding a travel agency, tour guide and even an interpreter. It’s a really hard task right? But now, with the coming of new technologies, we can now spend even only a few days finding a reliable and reputable travel specialist on the Internet.

Whether you find the travel agency on group buying websites or on the website itself, you must choose your travel agency carefully.

With so many choices of travel specialists, you cannot tell if some are scammers or some are great. Follow these steps to eliminate your hunting time and find the best travel specialist for your needs.

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#1 Check if their web design looks professional

Does the website provide enthusiastic and useful travel information? Can you easily see their profile and contact details? Do they include travel packages information, prices, photos and if airfare’s included? Do they answer questions pretty well on FAQ?

If you say yes to these questions, you can proceed to the next step.

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#2 Check its reputation

For a sure good delivery of its services, check its credentials and look if the travel specialist is associated with accredited tourist agencies and boards.

Also, check if how long they have been in this business.

Read testimonials, check reviews in forums and blogs. Ask and post questions.

You may try to contact the supposedly accredited tourist agency or board if the travel agency is really their accredited member.

#3 Contact the travel specialist

Call or email the travel agency or specialist and observe if they have knowledge about your travel destination, the best spots and if they can recommend places and activities for your type of adventure or vacation you want.

It will best if you can go to their main office and see if it really exists so you can go to this place again in case you have any complaints.


#4 Determine if how the travel specialist responds to your inquiries

If the travel company answers your questions in detail and polite manner, chances are, they can provide you a good customer service. Are they eager to assist you? Can they customize the itinerary according to your needs? Do you like their proposed itinerary? Do they include times for sight-seeing or free time? Do they reply to you promptly? Can they stick to their promised dates of itinerary submission?

Observe and trust your instincts if they are committed in organizing quality trips and making customers happy leading to good reviews and returning satisfied clients.

#5 Review and ask what does the package really include

A travel package may say that Wonder of The World Park is included but you may find out that the entrance fee is not included and you’ll just stay and take pictures outside the park. You cannot also enter and shoulder the entrance fee because you have to follow the time indicated in your itinerary.

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Be sure to check if entrance fees are included in your package. Find out what is and what is not included in the travel package. Check the places and the hotels you will be staying with. You can also check your hotel accommodation’s prices so you can determine if the value of the package is reasonable. Ask if a tour guide is included or if you will be touring on your own.

#6 Review the policy again and have a document

Ask if how will they refund your money if the travel’s cancelled due to bad weather and other unexpected situations? Will they issue a refund if there will be lack of bookings? What will be the policy if you will be the one to cancel the trip because of personal emergencies? During the holiday, who will sort out the arising problems and emergencies? What will be the payment terms be?

Review the terms and conditions again before you commit and agree. You and the travel specialist must mutually agree about these.

You want a great unforgettable vacation don’t you? Choosing a reliable travel specialist is now easy with these tips. You will not only consider the prices but also the value and reputation of the travel specialist.

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