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6 Things To Be Considered Before Buying A Mobility Scooter

before buying a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are a very cheap and effective way to travel to different places. It can be used by people of all heights and sizes. Now, you know how others are running this and have saved enough and set a budget to buy a new one. You are ready to go to the store but you must consider these 6 things before buying a mobility scooter.

1. Indoor or outdoor use

There are many styles of scooters available. Most mobility scooters are running on electricity. If you want to use your scooter outdoors for several hours and longer distance, a 4 wheeled heavy duty scooter can endure changes of weather, climbing steep hills and outdoor terrains. If you will just use your scooter within pavements, your house or neighborhood, the 3 wheeled scooter can be used to maneuver it easily inside your house even in corners of the bedroom. It does drain the battery less. The scooter tiller are included for easier steering.  The scooter must have both headlights and taillights. A swiveling seat is a great advantage in entering and exiting doors or building premises.

before buying a mobility scooter

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2. Rules or laws

Check roads if your mobility scooter is prohibited. Check where you can drive your mobility scooter freely. If you are required by authorities to have documentations or license, just check the fees and if you can complete the requirements.

For public transportation, you should check with the transportation authorities if you can bring this on buses, trains, subways, ships, etc.

3. Scooter size and weight

The size of your scooter depends on the weight or height of the person who will be riding this. A tall person and a heavy person should buy bigger scooters for more leg space and for the scooter to accommodate the weight.  A small scooter can be used by a small person to easily reach the tiller and the ground.

4. Comfort and maintenance

Upon seating on the scooter for a few minutes, is your body easily distracted and can sense something on your seat? Is operating the whole scooter easy for you? Consider these and depending on your budget, you must choose the best mobility scooter model that will be most comfortable for you to sit and operate.

It is also important to buy a high quality helmet to lessen head injuries.

tips on buying mobility scooter

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

5. Space and storage

Consider if you prefer to have your compact mobility scooter fold down and to be put in the car trunk or do you have a large vehicle where a whole mobility scooter can fit inside. Bringing and parking this inside your house must be considered. Your mobility scooter must fit on your house’s gate or doorways. These must be wide enough to prevent your scooter from being hit. The parking space or wide room must have enough space for you to store and take away your mobility scooter. It will be better to place your scooter on places where you don’t have to disturb your family members.

If you only have an apartment upstairs, check if you can park outside or ask the owner if you can bring this up by using an elevator and placing this on your apartment room level.

6. Insurance

This is optional but it’s better to be covered to minimize cost in the future. Usually payments to insure your scooter are not that expensive.  You may also consider the warranty or repair schedule for this.

Mobility scooters are a great help for senior citizens and people with disabilities. You can use this too. With these considerations, you will not regret buying the most suited scooter model. Test drive this and now, you can travel independently.

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