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6 Things You Need for A Mental Survival Kit: Surviving the Wilderness!

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When going out for a picnic or a camping trip, we tend to prepare things for both our safety and survival. These things usually include food, sleeping equipment, and tools. However, in times of need, what really matters is what’s inside one’s head.

Being prepared does not only refer to being physically and materially prepared, it also has to do with being mentally prepared, especially with the possibility of accidents and other emergencies occurring.

However, what does being mentally prepared mean? Does it have anything to do with maturity, or perhaps, with intelligence?

The answer to that is NO. Being mentally prepared means one has, at least, these six things:

#1 The Will to Do What Needs to be Done

Before going out to the wilderness, one needs to have a thorough inspection of one’s character. Do you have things you don’t want to do? Do you have things you feel like you have no right to do?

Well, one must think thoroughly and must make a firm resolve. It may just be a simple hiking plan or a camping trip, at first, but one cannot predict when things may turn into something unexpected.

If at that moment, one is not willing to do what needs to be done, then things may turn out for worse.

For instance, if one gets lost and does not have anything to eat, but has the choice of bugs and leaves, then take the bugs. After all, if other people can eat it, you can do it, too. It’s better than dying of starvation.

#2 The Will to Learn New Things

One does not need to have knowledge about survival in order to actually survive. What matters is the will to learn new things when necessary.

For instance, you get stuck on the mouth of a cave due to the storm. Since you are probably soaking wet, you’ll probably need to light a fire to warm yourself up. However, you don’t know how to do it.

Since all of us probably took science way back in grade school, it is for certain that we read about rocks and friction. Why not try it out and see for yourselves?

#3 A Positive Outlook

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Another significant thing we should have inside us, especially when going out, is a positive perspective on things.

What can panic do? The answer to that is nothing.

So, upon encountering a situation, forget about what ifs and look at things in a brighter side. You might not know, things may have turned out like that for better.

#4 Inspiring Thoughts

Another preparation one needs to do before actually going on a trip is the building of one’s repertoire of thoughts.

It can help if one reads about other’s experiences in the place you’re heading to, or simply about one’s experiences on dire situations while in the wilderness. This can help if you run into a similar situation as what you’ve read.

You can then simply recall what others did or hope to have done to help you get through any situation.

#5 A Bit of Wilderness Survival Knowledge

Also, one does not have to be an expert on survival in order to be mentally prepared. It is enough to read a thing or two about survival, as well as learning bits of tips to do when faced with something unexpected.

It would also help to read a bit about plants and animals. Knowledge of plants can help for food and medicine.

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#6 Reasons to Survive

Then, the last thing one needs is a reason to survive. Every one of us needs a reason to do anything.

Thus, if one plans to survive the wilderness, a motivation is needed to encourage a person to persevere against all odds. This motivation can be one’s dream, lover, or family.

Many people have survived miraculously due to various reasons, the most common of which their desire to go home to their family.

To sum it all up, with the unpredictability of the wilderness, one needs to be mentally prepared before venturing of. It does not have anything to do with the age or the intelligence of a person, but rather, the extent of his will and his mentality.

Lastly, one should reflect whether he has all these six things. After all, it is during our adventure where we learn and realize some things.


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