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6 Things You Should Know For Your Inn or Bed and Breakfast Stay

6 Things You Should Know For Your Inn or Bed and Breakfast Stay
6 Things You Should Know For Your Inn or Bed and Breakfast Stay

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Staying at an inn or a bed and breakfast offers a change of pace and atmosphere from your normal hotel. One can think of a homey feel whenever bed and breakfast accommodations are mentioned. An inn may also be a cheaper alternative instead of staying at a hotel.

If it’s your first time trying out a bed and breakfast place, there is no need to fret. Here are some helpful tips to ensure that you can get the most out of your trip.

1. Do your research

Before booking an inn or a room in a bed and breakfast online, it would be helpful if you can first read the reviews of previous guests. Before deciding on a specific bed and breakfast to stay in, you can also check online if they have received any awards for their service. There may also be some press coverage available (like blogs, news articles or videos) about the inn and what they have to offer. Check online directories. Some of them provide their own rankings, reviews and also give awards to inns and bed and breakfast places.  Some inns have their official websites and you may also find some customer feedback there or awards that the inn are particularly proud of. It would be easier to determine which bed and breakfast will give you great service just from these references.

2. Check the packages available

Choosing the right inn or bed and breakfast also depends on their available promotions or packages. Some bed and breakfasts have specific packages that cater to families, weddings or honeymoons. It will help you determine if you would be able to get the privacy that you need. Check their available services. There are inns that have spas or outdoor baths that you may want to try out. Most bed and breakfasts only provide breakfast for free. But there are also those that provide afternoon snacks or dinners free or with just an additional fee. Going to a bed and breakfast still leaves you the option to wander out and experience the local dishes during lunch and dinner time. Just make sure to have your options in case there may be changes in the itinerary or the weather.

3. Check the Inn’s Policy

This is where the rules of the bed and breakfast places come in. Do they allow pets?  Can you stay there with a child or as a family? There are some bed and breakfasts that have child-friendly furniture and allow kids to stay. But there are also places that have antiquated furnishings for adults only. Some inns have their own pet baskets for your furry friends to sleep in. Others offer places with great scenery where you can enjoy a walk with your pet. Make sure to check the inn’s policies before booking a room to avoid any hassle of switching lodgings.

Things You Should Know For Your Bed and Breakfast Stay

Image Source: Pixabay

4. Contact the Bed and Breakfast directly for details

If there are things you would like to clarify, it would be best to call or email the inn directly. Details like where your room would be located or if you still need to climb a flight of stairs to get to your room would be helpful in visualizing your stay there. Some customers prefer to stay at the ground floor or book a bungalow-style inn. And if you are the type who prefers to have a room with a window facing the sunrise, then talking to the innkeepers would ensure that you get exactly what you need if available. The best way to confirm some of the things you have researched about would definitely be from the inn itself.

5. Choose the inns that are family-owned or owner-owned

Staying at a bed and breakfast lodge where the owner or the family that owns the house manages themselves guarantees to give you a more personalized and homey stay. They are more involved with the goings on of the inn and can easily cater to the guests’ needs. Every bed and breakfast owner takes care of their home and that is something that you will be able to experience first hand upon staying at their place. A family-owned inn can make you feel like you are a part of the family and not just a guest.

6. Talk to the innkeepers

The innkeepers know more about the house and the furnishings. You can share stories about the house’s history and architecture. Some of the decorative pieces of the inn may also have a story of its own that the owners would be happy to share. You can ask the owners about their recommended activities to do while staying at their inn. Since they know the place better than you do, they may share with you some of their favorite bars, restaurants and places you may want to visit. It is always best to be friendly to the owners. Building a relationship with the innkeepers can earn you life-long friends. Who knows, you may want to go back to their inn to enjoy a relaxing vacation with them again in the future.

These are the six things you should know for your inn or bed and breakfast stay. Follow this guide and staying at an inn would almost feel like you are at home while still on vacation.

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