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6 Ways You Might Need To Know In Choosing Your Travel Alarm Clock

travel alarm clock

To make most of the time touring and doing activities, everyone must follow their planned trip in time meaning everyone must sleep and wake up in time. To stick with your plan and catch up with operating hours of tourist destinations, what you need is a handy dandy alarm clock! You don’t need to depend on anyone. Just follow these steps to buy or bring a travel alarm clock.

travel alarm clock

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1) Know if you want an analog or a digital one?

Analog alarm clock is the classic style with hands on a traditional dial while Digital clock is a clock with an electronic display and can be set by using buttons. Although digital clocks can be stopped easily by pushing a button, you may not be sure if you have pressed the snooze button. If you pressed the stop button, your travel plan and schedule will be ruined. On an analog alarm clock, you can wake up with its alarm sound but it does not have a snooze feature.

Depending on the size of your luggage, an alarm clock must not be broken or squished inside. Depending on the model or brand and looks, consider these things when deciding to choose a digital or analog alarm clock: Can I read the numbers and minutes easily? Is this easier to set than the other one? I am planning to hike and does this clock have a light included? Do you need the snooze feature? Are you contended hearing the same alarm sound?

2) If possible, choose alarm clocks with protective cases

You can purchase large pocket alarm clocks where you can flip its cover open. If you cannot find small alarm clocks with cases, just buy a cover cloth or put it on protective cases.

3) Quality and features over looks and price

It is important to look for good features and long lasting models of travel alarm clocks. You don’t have to buy an expensive or a cheap alarm clock, the important is, just look for the features you want and need.

If you are the type to listen frequently to songs or annoying voice of your loved one, you can get an alarm clock with sound setting features. If you are the type who hardly wakes in the morning, choose a clock with a loud ringing alarm sound.

4) Do not choose a plugged in alarm clock

This type of clock is not reliable for your travel. It may just drain its inner battery quickly and worst, you cannot put batteries if you cannot find a power outlet. Your travel alarm clock will end up dead and it will become a burden to carry this with you.

alarm clocks

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5) Test the alarm clock and look for warranty

Test your travel alarm clock by setting an alarm. Check if the sound is too loud or too soft. Alarm clocks even the portable ones usually comes with warranty unless you buy this cheaply on sidewalks. If you buy alarm clocks on sidewalks, chances are it may not work during your travel time.

6) Take care of your travel alarm clock

Just like a normal device, too much shaking and setting the alarm clock will make it malfunction. To pack your travel alarm clock, just put it on light bags with clothes to prevent this from being bumped. You can also use bubble wraps to protect this.

There are many portable alarm clocks to choose from. Your main purpose is to wake up with your alarm clock’s sound.  Hearing your little sister’s screaming voice, a rooster’s sound or your mother’s nagging will surely wake you up but nothing beats the traditional ringing alarm clock sound in getting your full attention to start your day.

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