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7 Amazing Places in England to Feed Your Wanderlust

Visit England - Alnwick Castle in Northumberland

A charming country that boasts a glorious past, England is a place not to miss in a European travel. There are plenty of sight-seeing delights that await tourists, while there are never ending places to rediscover for its residents. England have a history to be proud of, and the locals are more than willing to share their heritage to travelers who wants to learn and experience the best of what England has to offer.

Visit England - Alnwick Castle in Northumberland

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland
Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

England is a thrilling destination that showcases the grandeur of the medieval period and many eras in the past. Whether you want to travel back in time and visit century old churches, museums, and palaces, or you want to indulge with the activities modern life can offer in London, there is a wider array of options to consider in the country.

So what are you waiting for? Here are the 7 amazing places to explore in England to feed your wanderlust!

1. Dartmoor

Best Places To Visit In England - Dartmoor

Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

Backpackers will have a good reason to visit Dartmoor. It has the greatest expanse of wilderness in Southern England that is a perfect destination for hikers, bikers, and whoever loves to travel with foot. Dartmoor is basically a protected area, it has a status of a National Park and features a great deal of wildlife. The area includes the largest granite reserve in Britain, and the rock formations are ultimately captivating.

2. The Cotswolds

England’s largest area of natural beauty, The Cotswolds is a filmmaker’s favourite as it could be seen in popular movies such as the Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and more. Cotswolds may look like typical village, but its unique history, beautiful gardens, castles, and ancient limestone villages are definite marvel to its visitors. During the middle ages, Cotswolds was extremely popular for its wool trade as its name attributed as “sheep enclosure in rolling hillsides.

Cotswolds England

Cotswolds | Image source: Flickr

3. Northumbrian Castles

Northumberland has the most castles than any place in England with more than 70 castles sites. But more to these majestic castles are the stories of its turbulent past, every place in Northumberland is a legacy of violence and conflict. Two millennia has passed, but it encapsulates the memory of numerous Viking attacks and Anglo Saxon kings risk their life to protect their kingdom.

Blanchland, Northumberland

Northumberland| Image source: Flickr

4. Avebury Stone Circle

It may not be as popular as the Stonehenge, but Avebury Stone Circle is more accessible and features a raw appeal. The Stone Circle is primarily a Neolithic monument that is built and altered over the centuries. It ages back 2850 BC – 2200 BC and comprises large standing stones enclosing two smaller stone circles. The area it covers reach as wide as 281 ⁄2 acres including parts of the Avebury village.

Like the Stonehenge in which the true purpose of its building is unknown, Avebury Stone Circle is believed to be a place for religious rituals for pagan worship.

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle| Image source: Flickr

5. York Minster

Tour England - York Minster

York Minster
Image Source: Pixabay (Click on image for bigger size)

York Minster is the largest cathedral in England and the biggest gothic church in all of Britain. More to being the seat of the Archbishop of York and the second largest office of the Church of England, the cathedral is a living memory of the Christian presence of the 4th century as it is also home to vast historic collections.

6. England’s Stately Homes

Do not miss England’s fascinating palaces, stately homes, gardens, and other historic houses. Blenheim Palace near Oxford is one of the best destinations with unbelievable treasures, intricate interiors, and majestic maze gardens.

The Blenheim Palace is the home of the 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the birthplace of famous British Politician, Sir Winston Churchill.

7. The Royal Pavilion

A pleasure dome for the King George IV, The Royal Pavilion is an ultimate example of the oriental-gothic architecture. As a true pleasure palace, the sights are for definite delight for its uniqueness and extravagance. From its reception rooms to its banquet halls and great kitchen, everything are designed to impress.

 the Royal Pavilion

The Royal Pavilion | Image source: Flickr

When to Visit England

England’s climate is generally temperate. Summers are cooler that other countries in Europe and winters are milder. To make the most of your travel, it would be beneficial to check the season that matches the activity you plan to do in the place. Time between June and September is perfect for beach related activities, but if you want to enjoy England with lesser crowds, April to early June is your best bet.

Click here to explore England’s most busy city—London.

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