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7 Beautiful Wedding Destinations in Australia

Western Australia Wedding Destinations

Australia is definitely one of the best places for an outdoor wedding. Because of that numerous couples travel to this large country with plenty of untouched nature sights to read their wedding vows. In this article we are going to list some of the most popular and most adventurous wedding venues from Each Australian state.

Queensland: Underwater Wedding Near the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland Wedding Destinations

Queensland, Australia

This is  one of the most adventurous and the most expensive ways to get married in Australia, but it is definitely worth the money and planning. Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral system and it is a perfect place for nice and colorful maritime wildlife photography. For people who want to get married here, the ceremony takes place underwater, after which the lunch is usually served on the vessel.

Northern Teritories: Weddings In Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Northern Territories wedding destinations

Northern Territories, Australia


This picturesque National park is in the middle of the continent and with the mountain Uluru that is well known all around the world for its stunning views during sunsets it is one of the most picturesque wedding setting in whole world. There are several different resorts in the Northern Territories that offer these types of packages.

South Australia: Weddings on Kangaroo Island

Souther Australia Kangaroo Island

Southern Australia Kangaroo Island

This is one of the most untouched places in Australia famous for its long deserted beaches, untouched forest-covered lands and of course kangaroos that are just a small part of this island’s vibrant wildlife. It is a perfect place for wedding ceremony, which can be held on the beach or in the forests on the island.

New South Wales: Sydney Beach Wedding

Sydney Australia Wedding Destinations

Sydney, Australia

Beach is the favourite wedding venue of Sydney residents, and the reason for that is the number of beautiful beaches in and around this metropolis. From noisy and vibrant Bondi to the romantic and secluded Shelly Beach in Manly, this city provides landscapes for perfect wedding photos. There’s also a Long Reef Beach which is definitely one of the best outdoor wedding venues in Sydney.

Victoria: Wedding on the Victorian Farms

Victoria is famous for its green rolling farmlands, and it is rural part is widely accessible by excellent quality roads. These farms are probably the least expensive wedding venues on this list, and they provide great value for money and some a lot of the best organic food catering.

Victoria Australia Wedding Destinations

Victoria, Australia


Western Australia: From Desert to the Beach through the Stone Monoliths

Western Australia Wedding Destinations

Western Australia

Western Australia offers so many different wedding settings that go from tropical beaches, to deserts, stone desert monoliths and some really nice bush regions. Each of these habitats in one of the largest Australian territories can be used as a perfect and picturesque wedding venue.

Tasmania: Wedding in Complete Wilderness on Cradle Mountain

Tasmania Australia Wedding Destinations

Tasmania, Australia

This area of Tasmania is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site and it is the area where you will find yourself in complete wilderness and near dozens of crystal clear lakes. This area, although being a National park, is perfect for a great wedding ceremony and the reception can been held in some of the nearby motels and health resorts.


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