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7 Good Reasons to Have Travel Insurance. You’ll Not Regret You Have One

Travel Insurance Benefits

Arranging a travel insurance is one of the most vital, but often neglected necessity for travelers nowadays. Though we are not asking for something bad to happen, we can never deny that the inevitable occurs. We have to prepare for the unexpected. Nobody would want to lurk with feeling of regret and helplessness when there were things that could have been done to lessen the burden when something goes wrong along the way.

7 Good Reasons to Have Travel Insurance

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Some travelers, on the other hand are not aware that there is such thing as insurance for travelers. They don’t know it so they don’t get it. In the US, travel insurances are growing in popularity with the Americans, in which 30% of the citizens purchase it for protection and securing their financial interest in a trip (according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association).

Consider travel insurance as an investment for yourself. Here are 7 good reasons why you have to get one. You might thank yourself in the future for making a positive decision today:

1. Medical Emergencies

Visiting a new country means you have to adapt to the environment and the weather. It could only be easy to fall sick. Travel insurance gives you the financial coverage you need when you fall sick or get injured during your trip.

2. Trip Cancellations

When you have to cancel your trip immediately due to a very important circumstance, your travel insurance will take care of those non-refundable deposits and/or pre-payments for you. In a case that your flight got delayed, then, you will have an easy fall-back. Depending on your cover, your travel insurance will take care of your room for a night or even an alternative accommodation if you cannot get an immediate flight.

3. Pre-existing Medical Condition

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, the more that you have to get insured. When a sickness flares up during the trip, you will surely be covered, as long as you have advised the travel insurance company of your condition beforehand.

4. Loss of Baggage & Personal Belongings

Travel Insurance Cover - Loss of Baggage & Personal Belongings

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You arrived in your destination but your baggage didn’t, what are you going to do? The baggage gets delayed who will pay for the hidden charges, if it’s stolen, who will reimburse the amount of its contents? These instances happen, but if you have a travel insurance it could lessen your worry.

5. Loss of Cash

It is your first time to be on a vacation far from home and your passport, wallet, and other important documents were stolen. You don’t have anything left from your vacation fund and you will need quick assistance to settle things. With a travel insurance, you will be confident your problems will be handled quickly. From acquiring a new passport to getting some emergency cash, you will be confident that you will be soon back on track.

6. Emergency Evacuation

With environmental problems, economic pressures, and many uncontrollable situations, some tourist end up in danger. We would not want this to happen, but these instances do happen. Getting a travel insurance will help you with the documents and other essentials you need to go back to your home country fast.

7. Car Accident

Travel Insurance Cover - Car Crash

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Driving in a foreign country can be a bit troublesome for tourists with unfamiliar roads and placement of signs. If you accidentally cause a damage or got involved into an unwanted crash, you insurance can assist you on covering your liability and other expenses. However, other insurances do not provide this cover so you have to pick a company that offers this feature if you prefer driving your own car.


Being offered with a travel insurance while you are planning your trip with a travel agent may sound negative. Of course, we would not want to associate a great vacation into a horrible situation. However, we have to be realistic as much as possible. We do not have any control of what is to happen next, but we have the option to prepare.

Some travelers neglect getting a travel insurance and they will only realize they should when they are given a sky high medical bill when something wrong happens in their vacation. You don’t want this for yourself, for your family, nor for your friends. Ensure your safety. Get insured.

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