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7 Proven Ways To Prepare Your Dog For Travel

dog travel

Pet lovers will surely love to take their dogs with them instead of hiring dog caretakers inside their houses. It will be more fun if you can travel with your dog. Here are the ways on how you and your dog will enjoy the trip together:

dog travel

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#1 Hotel dog rules and destination places

If you are planning to go to a theme park, you and your dog will definitely not enjoy your travel. Your dog will be just left outside or inside the dog care facility waiting for you. If you are going to nature places and parks where dogs are allowed, you can surely enjoy your vacation or travel. Before traveling, search for hotels near your destination that are pet friendly. If there is none and you still cannot find accommodations that allow pets, checked-in your dog to a pet care and wellness center. Pick him or her up the next day when you will begin to travel.

#2 Exercise with your dog

Walk with your dog often. You can also train your dog if you can. Your dog needs exercise and some water for him or her to become healthy and fit. Play retrieving tricks. Don’t forget to bring plastic bags for picking up the waste.

#3 Always get your dog ride in a car

Try short trips first with your best friend before taking long trips. To make your dog think that riding is fun, start feeding small snacks inside. Taking a short ride going to the fast food, convenience store or grocery and feeding him bits of food will also work. Bring a toy that your dog really wants.

dog travel tips

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Do short trips until the first week’s complete. If your dog’s relaxed while riding, try to know what you and your dog will expect before going to a long trip. It also depends on you if you prefer your dog quiet or your dog keep barking while you are traveling inside the car.

Get your dog, leashed or unleashed, to know places similar to the destination you are going. For example, you are going to a beach or mountainous place, take him or her to similar places nearest to your home. Observe your dog’s reaction and behavior. Train him or her to get used to it.

#4 Bring water

Bring water not only for you but also for your dog. Bring a dog food and drink container. If your dog does not like the water you are giving, just bring water from your home.

#5 Pack your dog’s luggage

Bring your dog’s food, leash, toys, clothes (if your dog’s a fashionista), plastic bags for poop and another dog tag necklace with your email or contact number.

#6 Use Crates

If your dog is the type to poop or urinate frequently or is the type that jumps out immediately from the van, get your dog a crater. If your vehicle is small, place the dog inside. You can also buy a foldable crater and dog seatbelt for this.

#7 Bring dog’s first aid kit

Bring dog medications with you. If your dog looks like going to throw-up, don’t feed and make your dog have an empty stomach in the morning so he or she will not vomit. Also, remove your dog’s collar if he or she feels sick.

Getting your dog used to traveling will take months of training but being with your best friend while doing these are great. Both of you trust each other. Your dog as a travel companion will help you in your travels by communicating to you about his or her instincts. You will feel safer and happier if you will have your vacation together.

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