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7 Reasons Why Travel By Train Is The Best Travel Choice You Will Ever Make

advantages of travelling by train

You will have a long travel this week but you are busy to do things. Also, you are still deciding whether to choose a plane, ship or train. Your plan is to relax or do your work while travelling.

In some countries especially in Hong Kong, China, Japan and other European countries, you can go to cities and countries through riding a train. To help you decide, this article will point out the benefits of riding a train.

advantages of travelling by train

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Benefit #1: You don’t have to arrive early

Although riding planes are used for faster transportation, you have to come earlier because of long lines, paying additional fees/taxes and checked-in baggage. On riding trains, you don’t have to arrive early and you are not subject to very strict inspections. You can just bring your suitcases inside.

pros benefits of train travel

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Benefit #2: Less restrictions

You can bring a bicycle inside. Depending on the trains, some do offer you plenty of legroom. You can use electric devices inside and you can bring a heavy bag.

Benefit #3: Comfort and Less distractions

If you are riding trains for a long journey, you can sleep in bunk beds or if you want a luxurious one, sleep on your own bed. This will save you costs in having a hotel accommodation. You can also enjoy eating freshly prepared foods cooked by the chefs themselves instead of being served expensive packed sandwiches where you can buy these cheaper in groceries and convenience stores. Wider aisles can make you easier to go to the restroom and have a break.

On some trains, electrical outlets are also available even you are riding in coach class. You can have your seats reserved. Seats can also be reclined and you will not be disturbed by attendants telling you that “Please do not use this and that…”

Since lights are always open and windows are wide, you can read your favorite book all the time without distractions.

Benefit #4: Can be more time efficient

Planes are faster but you are consuming too much time by sitting on a cramped seat, going to inspection and waiting for your baggage. Riding bullet trains is the fastest. On first class trains, you can work while waiting to reach your destination. You can work in a table and type on your laptop. Standard trains are convenient because you will just ride trains and get off from one place to another.

Benefit #5: Trains has less carbon emissions

Trains can save gasoline. It produces less pollution. You can help the environment if you are riding trains because it cuts the CO2 emissions that are destroying the atmosphere and the whole environment. Reducing CO2 emissions by reducing your personal carbon footprint together with your fellow passengers can have a big impact in saving the environment.

First class train carriage

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Benefit #6: You can enjoy beautiful scenery

While travelling, you can have a good view of the billboards and mountains. It is like travelling to different places on one sitting. To some, you can ride the train unlimited because you can get off as soon as you want. Just don’t stay inside on non-operating times.

Benefit #7: Payment convenience

For long journeys, you can book a train travel online. In some countries, you can buy a stored value card so you do not have to fall in line and get another ticket again. On commuter trains, just swipe a ticket then get straight to the train.

Trains are like riding amusement rides, you can have fun viewing sceneries and you can just have an all-around trip or take one ride. Plus, you can experience comfort and payment convenience. No one will disturb your travel. If you are afraid of heights and you feel seasick, riding a train is the best option for you.

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