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7 Things You Must Look For In A Cheap Hotel To Have A Satisfying Experience

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Hotels are often perceived as equivalent to luxury. Beautiful decorated suites, swimming pools and sports facilities. But your goal is to reach tourist destinations, not having a vacation in the hotel. Your solution: Book on a cheap hotel.

hotel tips

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Cheap hotel does not mean booking a room in a boring and isolated building. You just have to be selective in searching cheap hotels. Also, it is better to be safe and have a decent stay in the hotel.

You can also try to book on new and independent hotels because these are newly-opened with low prices. These hotels still needs promotion. They are expecting that you can be satisfied and will promote their hotel through your word of mouth. You don’t need a cable TV or any other unnecessary facilities.  Here are the things you must look for without compromising your basic needs.

1. Location

The hotel should be located in an area where you can easily go to towns through walking distance or using public transport. This must be visible when you are coming for the first time and it must not be situated on dark and isolated streets.

2. Sheets

You can observe on pictures and open rooms if the hotel uses clean sheets. Beds must be stable. You would not want to sleep in stained and stinky sheets right? Better to bring your own towels. You will feel lucky if the hotel has toiletries.

3. Security and First Aid Kit

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CCTVs and a security guard is enough for you to be feel at ease since it is just a cheap hotel.  Ask the hotel if they have a first aid kit. If they don’t, go to somewhere else. If you have no choice, just bring your own small first aid kit and a list of hotlines.

Hotels must have a safe so you can keep some of your valuables. The reception must have strict guidelines in checking visitors. Just ask what their measures are if a guest lost the room’s key. Who knows? Someone on the reception will think that the thief bringing a hotel room number is one of the guests and had lost a key so the reception gave the thief a duplicated one.

If you have your car, the parking space must be within the hotel vicinity and must be guarded as well.

4. Bathroom

Many bad bacteria will invade your body if the bathroom’s not clean. A clean bathroom with toilet seat where the flush is working, towel rack, shower (hot or cold) and sink with a mirror are all you need to have a proper hygiene.

5. Room Service

They must be ready to assist you 24/7. It would be great if they can serve you food as you requested. (Of course not within odd hours where everyone is normally sleeping). Laundry service must be considered if you will stay longer.

6. Space

How many will stay in a room and how big are your bags? You have to get an adequate space so you can walk around and arrange or pack your things.

7. Computers and telephones

They should have at least one computer to surf the Internet. If they don’t have one, there must be computer cafes nearby or just ask the hotel if you can use one of their computers for a few minutes if you needed to search and visit sites that are not viewable on your mobile phone. Free Wi-Fi is also a big plus for you to use gadgets and communicate with your family at home. Electrical outlet in the room is a must. Bring an electrical extension or borrow from the reception so you can charge your gadgets at the same time.

Even if there is no telephone in the room, the hotel must provide a telephone service so you can make local and international calls.

Aside from this advice, you can look for hotel reviews online such as searching for travel advisor or typing,, etc. Never hesitate to ask for a tour in the hotel because it is your right to know if the most affordable hotel can give you the most decent services and facilities. Ask your friends (with your same taste) about their stay in cheap hotels.

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