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7 Things You Should Know Before Getting An Inn. Is Staying Here Good For You?

benefits of the inn
before getting an inn

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Inns are the norm even during the ancient times as a place for travelers to stay.  Now, inns can give the best accommodation to budget tourists. To have a satisfying stay, you should know the perks and the cons of choosing inns as your staying place.

Inns may be a place to sleep and nothing else since you are outside most of the time or you just want an overnight stay. Some inns can be a place far away from home because of its homey feeling décor. (Except Holiday Inn of course, its name includes “Inn” but it is really a hotel and resort not an inn. Great name though.)

As for the saying, you cannot please everyone, inns are not for everyone. Some may like to stay, some don’t. Assess the inn and yourself if you can stay and have a simple accommodation.

1. Services

The staff can provide you the basic needs on travelling such as food, clean room with a bathroom (common or private) and tour information. You’ll be lucky if the staff will bring your luggage to your room. Don’t expect to have a condo style or customized theme rooms. You cannot chat loudly if you want privacy. Aside from loud chatting, you cannot turn on the music because it will just disturb people on nearby rooms.

If you and your friends are the type who are more into exploration and a simple accommodation, inns are perfect for you. What is good in staying here is they will probably tell you tips about going to your destination and shopping on markets. But still, the most reliable information will be on the official guide,  online forums and friends who have been there because some inns may be tied up with car rental services and shopping stores. You can take advantage of their free Wi-Fi.

benefits of the inn

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

2. Valuables

If they offer lockers or safe, better use it. If not, just lock the zippers and cover your (can be slash proof) bags, keep these on hiding, tie and lock these again. If you are the type of tourist who cannot live without bringing too much cash and electrical gadgets. Staying on inn is not for you.

3. Location details

Search the address on online maps and also confirm to them the detailed directions going to their place. Ask the nearby establishments or have them describe the surroundings of the inn. Take note of the cancellation and rescheduling policies.

4. Price and savings

Unlike in hotels where the hierarchy is big and will take them a week or more to make a decision, negotiating prices here is easier and you can receive a quick deal since the innkeeper might be also the owner.

Inns have limited rooms so don’t expect that they give you a discount on the last rooms available. Don’t give up! You can still haggle to inns especially if it has only 4-5 rooms. They will lose a chance to earn a bigger profit if one of the rooms is still vacant.

Like hotels, you can book in advance or get the accommodation on non-peak seasons.

5. Toiletries

You have to confirm if they have toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste and soap. If they don’t have, better to bring these than buying on your way. Towels are cleaner in hotels and inns may give you old towels. In short, bring your own towel.

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

Image source: Flickr (Click on image for bigger size)

6. Family accommodation

When you have toddlers or pesky kids with you, staying in an inn is not recommended. They might break figurines and other furnishings. Other inns are kid friendly but observe if there are things that can be hit or broken easily by the kids. Also, don’t stay upstairs if you have senior citizens and kids with you. If you have no choice, just look out for them and be extra careful going up and down the stairs.

Some inns do not accept children and has age restriction because they mostly cater couples. They want a quiet place to have a romantic affair.

7. Check-in check-out

You will be told even upon reservation the check-in and check-out times. Also, they will tell you the fee if you stay longer than the supposedly check-out time. They can accommodate your arrival and departure. Remember, doors of an inn are locked for certain hours. The inn must be informed if you will be late so they can prepare for you to get inside.

You will now be able to decide if you will stay there. Inns are very affordable and you can go to your destination without splurging a lot. You can meet new friends here who are also travelers and tourists. It also offers you a calm place to concentrate and have a good night sleep.

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